Genealogy of the True Brujah

One of the original Clans.
Described in Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand.
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Syntax of each entry:
[Sex] Name <generation> (birth:embrace+death) Progeny of ... Sire of ... (date). Brief description and comments. [References] (historical references).

Here is the list of 10 known True Brujah.

Powerful blood
Brujah <3> (:~ -8000+ ) Progeny of Ynosh. Sire of Troile , Anis and Belit-Sheri. Brujah has been diablerised by Troile. The Progeny of Troile call themselves Brujah, and the other Progeny of Brujah are called the True Brujah. Brujah is identified as male by some and female by at least the Toreador. [Cb-Br,p14] [RD] [CbR-Tz]
Anis, Queen of Night, aka. Alicia Varney <4> Progeny of Brujah. A peer of Lameth's, Anis was formerly the Princess of Ur and the most beautiful woman in the world bar none. No being could resist her allure, and Brujah himself eventually fell for her, making her second-loved childe after Troile. A lover and co-conspirator of Lameth's, Anis manipulated Troile with seduction, causing him to diablerise his own sire, freeing Anis from her bond to Brujah.
Like Lameth she consumed the Elixir, bringing her to an instant state of Golconda (this could be what allows these two ancients to "use" mortal forms...?). She hid over the millenia, secretly controlling many powerful Kindred in the Jyhad, the most recent being the Sabbat Archbishop of New York City, Justine Bern. This Lasombra elder believes that Anis is simply Alicia Varney, a billionairess and Bound ghoul, much to Anis' satisfaction.
Though not specifically allies, Anis and Lameth have begun to work together again after millenia of being apart. Both are very serious players in the Jyhad, though both remain as indirectly involved as possible, trying to never place themselves in danger of having to act or be discovered. [RD]
Belit-Sheri <4> (+ ) Progeny of Brujah. Sire of Shalmath. [NoP]
Ancient blood
Shalmath <5> (+ ) Progeny of Belit-Sheri. Sire of Synesios. [NoP]
Ron James <5> Wazir of the Tal'Mahe'Ra. Pretends he's Ventrue. He controls all the Qadims and Kamuts. He's rumored to know where Troile and Lambech (Lasombra) lie and awaits to bring them into the tomb or destroy Troile. [web]
Rathmonicus <maybe 6> (+~1550) Died during the anarch revolt. Developped the Path of Scorched Heart in the 14th century. [DSBH]
Synesios <6> Progeny of Shalmath. Sire of Krassimir. Senior Archivist of the Scriptorium of Vulci. [NoP]
Ancillae blood
Flavius Petrus Fortunatus <7> (785:815) Progeny of Rathmonicus. Sire of Cammy True (2000). [PC of]. Operates under the assumed name of Carpathius a 8th gen ventrue anti tribu. Ductus of Circulus Septimus coven.
Krassimir <7> Progeny of Synesios. [NoP]
Unknown generation
NunÍz <?> [BoN]