Genealogy of the Kiasyd, aka. Nocturnae

First introduced in the Storyteller's Handbook to the Sabbat then in the Guide to the Sabbat.
The Kiasyd were Lasombra who used the "Blood of Zernebooch" and Fae blood in an experiment that went wrong (around 400 AD). With the help of the Dark Age Fae they developed a Discipline called Mytherceria. They have the Fae weakness to cold iron.
All Kiasyd undergo a dramatic physical alteration after the Embrace, growing six inches to two feet taller and becoming thin and gaunt. Their skin color blanches almost chalk white and gains an unusual luminescence under moonlight. Their eyes take on a more oval shape and deepen in color until they are entirely black, with no color differention among the sclera, pupil and iris. The cartilage in their ears, nose and cheeks seem to crystallize, becoming more angular and pronounced.
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[Sex] Name <generation> (birth:embrace+death) Progeny of ... Sire of ... (date). Brief description and comments. [References] (historical references).

Here is the list of 3 known Kiasyd, aka. Nocturnae.

Ancient blood
Marconius <5> Sire of Bartholomew. Originally a Lasombra, is was changed by the "Blood of Zeernebooch" in 439, and is the ancestor of all Kiasyd. Prince of Strasbourg, France, since late middle Ages. [SHS] [GttS]
Bartholomew <6> Progeny of Marconius. Inconnu. [SHS,p123]
Young blood
Beatrice L'Angou <9> Ductus of the Librarians Pack. [MobN] [NoP]