Genealogy of the Blood Brothers

First introduced in the Storyteller's Handbook.
Syntax of each entry:
[Sex] Name <generation> (birth:embrace+death) Progeny of ... Sire of ... (date). Brief description and comments. [References] (historical references).

Here is the list of 8 known Blood Brothers.

Ancillae blood
Angelo <8> (1948:1966+ ) He is the 13th of the Red List. Destroyed by the joint effort of the scourges of five cities (NoP). [KmW,pp15-18] [NoP]
Jerry <8> Sire of Terry , Barry , Larry and Harry. One of the original Blood Brothers. [UBRM]
Young blood
Mark <9> (:1872) [CotN]
Terry <9> Progeny of Jerry. [UBRM]
Barry <9> Progeny of Jerry. [UBRM]
Larry <9> Progeny of Jerry. [UBRM]
Harry <9> (+1992) Progeny of Jerry. [UBRM]
Weak blood
Tom <11> Replaces Harry in Chicago. [UBRM]