Genealogy of the Anda

Described in Wind from the East.
This Gangrel bloodline stayed in Mongolia when the bulk of the Clan decided to move west. They lived among the Mongol horsemen, using special disciplines called Ma, but were destroyed by the Wan Kuei after the fall of the the Yuan Dynasty in China, by the end of 1388. Few women were ever embraced into this bloodline.
Syntax of each entry:
[Sex] Name <generation> (birth:embrace+death) Progeny of ... Sire of ... (date). Brief description and comments. [References] (historical references).

Here is the list of 7 known Anda.

Powerful blood
Dobrul the Brave <4 or 5> (+1388) Sire of Chinkhai and probably Yesira. Progenitor of the Anda bloodline, his torpored body was protected by his childer and a legion of gargantuan, hideously mutated animals. Destroyed by the Wan Kuei at Karakorum. [WfE]
Ancient blood
Chinkhai the Fierce <5 or 6> (+1388) Progeny of Dobrul. Mortal grandson of Dobrul, wanders aimlessly for centuries before the destruction of the Anda in and around 1388. [WfE]
Yesira <5 or 6> (+1388) Progeny of probably Dobrul. Mortal mother of Chinkai. Tends to the gargantuan animals that protect Dobrul's torporus form. [WfE]
Jelme the Damned <6 or 7> (+1388) Grand-childe of Dobrul. Personal guard of Ghengis Khan. [WfE]
Oderic <6> (+1388?) Sire of Aajav. Anda elder. [WfE]
Ancillae blood
Aajav, the Young Wolf <7> (+1236) Progeny of Oderic. Sire of Qarakh. Diablerized by his brother and childe in 1236, his ashes scattared on the shore of the Onon River. [WfE]
Qarakh <8-7> (+1388) Progeny of Aajav. Diablerized his brother and sire in 1236. [WfE]