by Spider (18 Feb 93)

[This legend has been told many times, in many ways. It is most probably true, but not necessarily entirely accurate. The results of this event are well documented, though.]

Way, way back (long ago for us, at least) in the mid 1300's, a young vampire named Siobahn lived her unlife in a secret library, well out of ordinary human perception. Egged on by her sire, a fanatic in the belief of Faerie usefulness, she learned everything there was to know about the magick folk, and their home. Siobahn was as ruthless as she was smart, and a cockiness grew in her, an urge to prove herself. "These folk think they're so strong. They think they're the tricksters." She imparted on a most dangerous form of entertainment. To shaft the Sidhe. A con, a trick, like no other before it. Using her knowledge, beauty, and an apparently birth-imparted affinity for the Faerie folk, she managed not only to worm her way into Arcadia, but even to gain an audience with the Faerie queen. (Some know her as Titania). With hob-goblins cavorting about them, the two set to talking. Titania was sure she was about to ensnare a pretty prize, but Siobahn was ready for it. Adhering well to the etiquette of the Sidhe, she managed to sideslip the attempts. Siobahn was tricky, and she gained the envious admiration of many of the folk present there that evening.

"She is too good to be a vampire," they would whisper.

"It is some kind of trick. The king is testing our queen."

"It is a game."

And a game it was. By the end of the night, Siobahn had stolen the true name of the Faerie folk, and Titania was unable to retrieve it. She cursed, and spit, but still, the woman held tightly.

"Let me make you an offer," she said. "We will share this name. And so long as I hold this name, I, and any who I chose to impart it to are as your own. You will not harm us."

"We do with our own as we will."

"Yes, but how many of your own have weasled such a prize from you, o queen? Trinkets and sparkles are nothing. I have the true name of your people. Do you wish to kill me now? Or might I use it before the final end? You have done a foolish thing, and now you will pay."

"You will not use our true name."

"I will do whatever the hell I want to. Perhaps I'll wear it on my brow, for all to see and read."

There was a long silence, then. Not a creature dared whisper. The queen stood, and turned to face them.

"This woman is never to be harmed, or interfered with in any way. Likewise, any she creates, and holds under the wing of our name, is not to be touched. Take this declaration to all our folk. Any who disobey will face us."

She turned back, and saw the devil's smile on a young woman's face.

"Be away with you. Never are you to return to this place, or any of your kind. The vampire folk are exiled here."

Siobahn nodded, and stepped aside, back into her library. Things were different now. She was Sidhe.

That evening, her sire spontaneously combusted. His home collapsed. The crops of the surrounding area suffered a drought, and cows soured their milk.

She moves still today, bringing the Faerie people's curse with her, along with their protection. All of her clan are likewise protected, but most of them feel the dolorous presence of sour folk.

For this reason, the members of this clan generally travel in groups of three. They live together, and meet on a regular basis. Since the Faerie folk have a propensity to commit mischief without being seen, this works as a sort of safety barrier, as all three are constantly on the watch.

If a member of the clan is exiled, and no longer allowed to carry the name, she is invariably destroyed by the legitimate Sidhe. No vampire in such a situation has survived more than three hours.

Almost all members of the clan have the merit of Faerie Affinity, so that they can see the folk, and sometimes even speak with them. In the presence of members of this clan, though, the Faerie folk grow sullen and withdrawn.

All members of the clan are encouraged to develop Presence before any other disciplines, simply as an added protection. The Faerie folk love prettiness, and usually think twice before bringing true harm to it.


Nature:  Conniver       Demeanor:  Bon Vivant           Generation: 5
Haven :  Condominium    Concept:   Eccentric Model

Physical:  Str 2 / Dex 2 / Stam 4
Social:    Cha 3 (captivating) / Man 5 (persuasive) / App 6 (beautiful)
Mental:    Per 3 (attentive) / Int 3 / Wits 6 (clever)

Talents:  Acting 2 / Alertness 4 / Empathy 3 / Intimidation 5 /
Leadership 4 (compelling) / Subterfuge 5 / Seduction 4
Singing 2

Skills:   Etiquette 5 / Melee 2 / Stealth 2 / Debate 3

Knowledge:  Linguistics 4 / Faerie Lore 5

Disciplines:    Auspex 4   Presence 6    Dominate 1

Backgrounds:    Resources 4 / Clan Prestige 5 / Status 4 / Influence 2

Virtues:       Conscience 1 / Self-control 2 / Courage 4

Humanity: 4
Willpower: 9

Merits: Faerie Affinity   Natural Linguist

Flaws: Faerie Curse (see above)

Languages: Gaelic (native), English, German, French, Slavic

-Siobahn doesn't remember her human life. The first memory she has is of waking up in the arms of her sire. She is definetly one of the most devious beings on the Earth, still concerned with Earthly affairs.

-She has five childer, Mary, Lillian, Suzanne, Helene and Lise. Each of these five have at least five of their own. Beyond that, the lineage is fairly difficult to trace, as the only individuals aware of it will find it pretty unnecessary for you to know.

-Siobahn has forbidden in-clan blood bonding, but she encourages the bonding of those outside the clan to those inside.

-She, like all her people, maintains an air of frivoloty, while engaging in the deadliest of games.

-At last location, she was seen to be dwelling in or near Paris, but she is known to have moved since. She makes it a habit to move approximately every five or ten years.

-She is currently a hot model, appearing on the covers of several fashion publications, and is planning her "demise" because she's finding the whole scene tiresome (especially with the current rumors of plastic surgery floating around).