My Moon

by Heather Bryan (22 Dec 95)

In your recess;
Have you seen the light of the moon?
Cascading beams of twilight.
Filling this Earthen room.
In your stop-and-think;
Have you wondered what caused the dust...
What created such barron fields?
Brightening the dreary muck
that the night would otherwise be.
Was there life there once--
As once was in me?
Was is sucked from all existance,
where it was once fresh and green?
Now this quiet dim expanse...
is my symbolic God.
Governing my pale embodiment.
Listening to each bloody sob.
...And I think I sometimes hear her weep.
For all she once had; as do I.
Her cries drown in space, as the world sleeps;
As I ponder her place in the sky.