Lilith's Children

by Scott D. Hurley (10 Oct 93)

Throughout the ages humanity has seen and known the supernatural to be around and among them. It has often reacted in fear, horror, shock, wonder, and, occasionaly, jealousy to these beings. But one question has always troubled the minds of those mere mortals as the seek to come to grips with the existence of such forces--why are these entities so marked, so different from us... at once graced with power we can barely comprehend, and cursed to their fate? There have been many answers given by countless numbers of those who ask, but some find elements of the Truth...

This is the tale given by the Order of the Amaranth, a most ancient cabal of sorcerers that remembers the dim reaches of humanity's origin...

At the beginning of all time, when humans first arose and were given divine life, we were but beasts, driven by the same urges and instincts as the animals, and little better. But then one Power, perhaps Prime itself, shaped from the earth certain fruits, and charged them with the power of Change. From all those humans extant in that day, it selected two, a male and a female, to shape and guide towards Awakening, such as it knew. To make the two worthy of the Change, it embued in them the awareness that would allow them to make conscious choice...and it bade them to give it the respect that was its due. It then presented to them the fruits that were the instruments of its Change and declared to them, "Know my creations that these fruits are of me, and that should you consume them, you take me into yourself...but be warned, you must chose which of them you would partake of--one will grant you the power to last through all of time, as do I. The other will grant you the ability to know why things are, but will instill in you a desire to master all, which will be denied to you by your short time in this world. Or you may chose to partake of neither, and remain here with me." Sensing the good fortune and the protection that they would have with the One, the two were reluctant to eat either of the fruits before them.

In time the female grew pregnant, and with that came the quickening of knowledge--the One would shelter her and her mate for all of time, but it would not protect their children. Something within her rebeled at this, and then her eyes came to rest upon the trees that bore the fruit that was offered to them. She considered each of them in turn, and rejected eating of them--should she partake of the fruit that would forbid her from withering and perishing, and protect her from all the forces of the Earth, she would lose what wisdom she had gained, and become but a beast that would remain so for all time. The other was no better, for what gain could be had by knowledge that would be scattered to the endless wind?

She dwelled upon it for a much time, then, later that night, while she was contemplating it, she felt the other heart beating within her, and she came to a realisation. Quickly, lest she falter, she moved to the trees and plucked one fruit from each. She then ate of the fruit of knowledge and wonder, and, with it still fresh in her mouth, declared, "Even as I eat of one fruit for myself, I eat of the other for my child!" She then partook of that which would hold one safe from all earthly harm. The two merged within her, and in that instant she did Awaken and Change, and became immortal.

The One felt the transformation from afar, and was troubled by her deed. It came before her and said, "What have you done, creature? Why did you choose other than I gave you?" And she replied, "I am not a creature, I am as thou! My name is Lilith, and I am both Awakened and Immortal, as shall be my child!" This declaration touched something within the One, and part of itself that it had never considered seperate resonated to her cry. It's pattern had been disrupted, and this could not be had! Yet it could not destroy it's creation, and this began to drive it mad. In anger and fury it declared, " You would be as me, and have all of thine do as they would? *NEVER*! Though earthly force can harm you not, I cast thee out of this world, find the endless wastes beyond as your home!" With this the One cast out Lilith, and turned back to its work, even as it felt it's essence begin to frament. Suddenly, where before there had been but the One, now there was the Triat. Weaver continued to weave the pattern of the One, though now without purpose and inspiration. The Wyld new inspiration and creativity without end, but could give none of it form. And the Wyrm began to feed itself, and was perverted from what it's purpose was, seeking to undo all and begin again...

And now only Lilith's Children can set the balance right.

After Lilith was cast out of the Realm by the One, she wandered in the endless void, seeking purpose in the nothing which bounded the One's creation. She knew that though she was now at once Immortal and Awakened no force could ever bring her harm, and that she could determine her own fate in Eternity. But what was to be gained as an outcast from the Realm she had known for all of her brief existence. She longed for others of her kind, but this desire she knew would be soon met, for the child that was forming within her would soon be born, and it would partake of all of her strengths. Lilith would need a place to raise the child, however, and since the mortal world was denied her, she would make her own Demesne. To this she worked her Will upon the primordial Tapestry, and therein forged a Realm at once like and unlike the one from which she had been exiled. In this place there need be no hardship, and she even created life itself that would not die, as it existed as a part of this realm. No sooner had she completed her hearth, than the child came due...

Her daughter was a fair lass, and inherited all of her mother's great gifts, from her eternal nature to her power to shape the Tapestry about her. Yet the powers of which Lilith had partaken had weakened slightly when they were passed on to her child, but this was of little matter. When the child grew old enough to discern the world about her, she chose a name for herself--Arathea. By the time she had grown into a full woman, she and her mother had expanded the realm in which they dwelled, but, in time they grew lonely for the companionship of others. Lilith had told her daughter of the wrath of the One, but time had passed, and perhaps they could reconcile with the One. They resolved to venture outside their self-made world, and one day did.

Lilith could not believe what had transpired in the seeming few years shewas within her home domain. Where before there had been only an endless void, now there were strains of the Tapestry *everywhere*, in patterns and forms varied almost beyond comprehension. When she turned towards the heart of it all, she saw the world she had once called home transformed in a manner that should could not quite define. Still, she sought the companionship of others of her kind, and hoped that she might find her another mate to share eternity with.

When mother and daughter entered the world, they found that the humans of which Lilith had sprung had changed in a strange fashion. They had become aware of the world about them, and sought to reshape it to their will, yet they did so in a manner quite different from that which Lilith used. Instead of merely Willing something to be or to change, they had to work it with their hands, creating tools to reshape and build their dream. Confused and bewildered by the behaviour of her kin, Lilith took her daughter to the place where the One had once dwelt--but found there only a barren, featureless site. There was no trace of the One, or her former mate, but the strange taint that had been seen earlier was almost palpable here. What had happened in the little time that she had been gone?

Lilith called out with her power, seeking to find the One so that she might reconcile with it. She could not find it, but another heard her call. It answered from the very world around her, resonating through her very being. She had touched Gaia, the world spirit. From her Lilith learned that generations had passed since she left the world--that since the domain she had created was only tenuously connected to this one, it's exact time and place shifted randomly in regard to this one. This she could accept, but what she learned next filled her with utter horror--her actions had somehow caused the One to fragment, and now the shards of the One strove in different directions, failing to continue the plan that the One had formed. One, which called itself Weaver, had created another mate for the male which had been Lilith's. Their children grew and spread, hearing their creator's call, and seeking to further it's plan. But the inspiration which had been the One's had broken away from the Weaver, and now was known as the Wyld. The Wyld was impotent and helpless, for though it conceive of ideas without end, it lacked the power of the Weaver to make things permanent, and only the rare creation survived. Worst of all was the Wyrm, which madly followed the last command of the One, to undo what had been done, but it sought to destroy ALL, not that which deviated from the One's original plan. The Triat was skewed, and in it's conflict tore at the very lifeforce of Gaia, the One's creation.

Lilith felt great guilt at what had happened in her absence and vowed to attempt to restore the balance, so that the One's creation might continue on it's rightful course. In this fashion she might atone for her deed, and reconcile with the memory of the One. Her daughter, however, saw little of this world that pleased her, and begged to return to the domain they had formed for themselves. Lilith felt that the burden was hers to carry, and agreed to her daughter's request. But first they would find the companions they sought, and for that end they took Gaia's advice and left the world to seek the new existence, which was called the Tellurian for that which would aid them.

It was on this journey that the other Children of Lilith were to be quickened...

"What is Fate? It is the certainty that occurs when, given a chance to alter a decision, you know that you would not have acted any other way. It is in this fashion that Fate and free will can coexist, but all falls before Chance's caprice."