The keeping of the Innocence

by Heather Bryan (22 Dec 95)

You climb inside my cobwebs.
You touch this bottomless mind.
You reach for my pool of darkness...
Just what do you expect to find?

Understanding in the nature of the beast?
Comprehension of this damage I do?
This miracle of the deceased...
To the mortal misconstrued.

...And I will forever be this THING.
Excomunicated from time.
Hungry loathsome being.
Extrordinary Reaper am I.

Yet, you WANT my desparation!
You ASK for my piercing kiss...
You BEG for the explanation;
An excuse for this cruel existance.

So; I bend to your ear in whisper...
Blood moistened breath on your neck;
The night air cooler, crisper.
Wind at my right; your body held left...

...And what secret did I give in that embrace?
You, so eager to learn...
Draining you, Killing you; smile on my face.
...Protecting you from knowing the Vampyre's Yearn.