A game of Love... Blood

by Sheryl Hanna (12 Nov 95)

Set my mentor, Egyptian God of evil and darkness
Has given me the dark gift,
A prisoner of the night am I,
A rich Dacian merchant in ancient Rome,
It was there that I met my fair Olivia!

In the early hours of twilight she emerged from the Coliseum
More beautiful than a Carpathian rose that blooms in the early Spring,
Her essence, naive, sweet and pure!
I looked into her eyes,
Suddenly I was aware
That it was only for her that my heart did beat!

For centuries the joy of love had evaded me!
Yearning, burning with desire to find it,
Now I have someone with whom I can share it,
Passionately embraced are she and I,
Now I will give her the vampire's kiss.

It's forever that we shall walk as the undead,
Feeding on human blood,
As the darkness spreads across the sky, we will turn into bats,
Winged creatures of the night!
We will fly away searching for mortals to quench or sanguine thirst,
Before sunrise we will return to the catacombs were we both shall sleep.

Our souls taunting us to see the light of day,
For it is only an impulse that we won't acknowledge,
For it would me for us;
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
Destruction for us!