The Egg

by Timothy Toner (17 Sep 92)

All item for those mystic equipment lists. This is a unique one, and quite powerful, too. Use at your own discretion. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

In the days before the fall of the Tsar of All Russias, many great works of art were formed and forged. It was a golden time for the Kindred of Europe, for this was an example to the burgeoning ranks of anarchs what a little freedom could accomplish. Many toreadors came, simply to watch a millenia of culture trickle down into the fertile minds of Tchaikovski, Dosteyevsky, Chekov, and others. No greater example of this period was the creation of the Faberge Eggs.

Jewel encrusted, they showed the wealth behind the innocence, the shells as valuable as they were priceless. Many Toreadors tried to imitate the style, but failed miserably. Even a craftsman, newly Embraced, found himself utterly unable to work the materials around the egg, symbol of life. Johann, leader of Clan Toreador, commissioned a huge sum if any kindred were able to repeat this deed, but none could. "Making the Egg" soon became a catch phrase for any impossible deed.

She came from Paris, a slim, pale flighty thing named Marie. Born and bred appreciating the finer things, she slid into Clan Toreador without hesitation, and followed her sire to this remote region of the world to see the kine make art that forced blood tears from the emotionless holes deep within a kindred soul. He noticed her while watching the ballet one evening. A nosferatu, he knew his place in the shadows. But he was old.... terribly old, and he deserved more. He wanted her.

Using his gifts, he made himself a nobleman, who politely flirted with Marie. He wanted more, but she was not willing to give. Still she toyed with him cruelly, and one evening, as the snow fell gently, she looked at him with her second sight, and saw the beast within.

She reacted initially with horror, and then, realizing she had been duped, used an unknown gift to lower his Cloak, and he stood amongst society as he truly was. He was chased from there by nobleman kine, wishing to drive the Devil out. However loater, hiding in the shades, he returned to the party. Marie's sire was cross with her for revealing the unknown gift too early. He then mentioned to her that the nosferatu wanted to be with her, but he did not know how she felt. She laughed in her mentor's face, "I will be with him when he makes the Egg..." THe nosferatu slipped away.

He toiled for almost two years, laboriously trying to make it work. Finally it struck him. He went forth and obtained the blood from a primogen in exchange for critical information, then steeped the egg in his foul blood. The violation of the putriy of the egg by the foul blood caused the shell to grow hard and crimson red. He began to encrust the gems. Soon. Soon.

He sent her an invitation to meet an artist she had recently discovered. She intended to Embrace the poor soul, so that his talent would life on forever. Instead of the artist, howver, there was the Nosferatu.

"What do you want?" she snapped.

"I have made for you what you desire...a thing of exquisite beauty. Catch." His eyes flashed.

THe Egg whirled and spun in time and space. Marie was so caught up in the beauty and fragility of the item, she could do nothing but extend a hand, and catch it. It seemed to take an eternity, however.

The egg had landed long before, however. Marie cradled it in her hands, subconsciously catching the motion as it passed before her. Her eyes, however, were rigidly locked before her, and she stared mindlessly at where the egg should be, trapped in time before her eyes. She was transfixed, utterly helpless.

He descended upon her. Marie did not utter a small whimper, as his ferret teeth lanced out, and drained her very soul into his belly. "Now, Marie," he said, rubbing his belly, "You will truly be with me..."

Game stats: The Egg is a faberge egg of exquisite beauty. Stained blood red, and encrusted with rubies and red gold, it is truly a sight to behold. The powers of the item are activated only after the Egg has been steeped in a point of the user's blood during the daylight hours, from one night to the next. The user then must used Dominance one, locking eyes with the victim, and speaking, "Catch" in a language the victim understands. Note the Egg can be used even against those normally immune to Dominance, such as vampires of a superior generation, or those with Iron Will. Only the suggestion need be mouthed for the full effect to manifest.

The user rolls the victim's Perception+(suitable skill, see below)+ Auspex Rating, difficulty being the victim's willpower. Every success indicates an action wasted by contemplation of the Egg. Those with celerity may burn blood to increase their speed to contemplate the item, since it is natural to wnat to fathom its depths as quickly as possible. During this time, the victim is transfixed as if staked, unable to speak, use disciplines, or even move. THe victim then can be easily staked, and diabilre performed, if desired. Only after taking three aggrivated wounds in a turn will the victim prematurely awaken, as if caught outdoors, or set afire. However, the victim can be slowly killed.

The point in the suitable skill is basically to hose the victim. Here, flying towards them, is the most valuable thing they have ever seen. How best could they appreciate the item? Art history? Alertness? Scan? Which one (basically) do they have the highest rating in? Use that one. Recall that Auspex one doubles your perception rating. Apply where necessary.

Note that the item is incredibly powerful and almost indestructable, ironic, considering how fragile it seems. It is also unique, often slipping out of the hands of the user after only one use, never to be seen again. It is said that part of the soul of the victims reside in the Egg, and bear a heavy curse on the present possessor.