And An Angel Fell

by Jera (26 Jan 1995)

An alternative view on Camarilla vampires? What clan am I?

He opens the van doors and jumps down off the tailgate, a glowing neon sign flickers above the door of the club. He idley clocks the kindred in the queue and smiles. His mind is switched quite solidly off. He knows that if he listens to their crap - especially coming from the Tremere amongst them - he'll have a thoroughly miserable night. He doesn't normally mix with Camarilla, he has no time for their petty quibbling and pretend guilty conscience, but events in his dark underworld have forced him into the light he hates so passionately. No one sees him enter the club, and if he's lucky none of them will see him while he's there. He grins laughing in disgust at the blood dolls who don't know what they're doing and at the Anarchs tough act, the Ventrue and Tremere trying desperately to remain detatched and aristocratic, just like always, just like forever. They will never change will they he thinks to himself.

A new film "Interview with a Vampire" springs fresh and dead into his mind Armante, one of the characters lines is "the world will change but we, we stay the same." Nonsense. They just have to get on with it like the rest of the world, that's why the Society of Leopold, DNA, the Garou and all the rest find the Sabbat and Camarilla such easy prey. Too busy worrying about their own guilt and personal gain to see the real world.

He clambers onto the bar, getting odd looks from the patrons, his long red hair reaching his waist, his satchel almost as big as him. He orders a glass of water and smiles evilly from underneath his dark round glasses.

"Hey you, the short one on the bar, have you been introduced?" Smiles turn to razors and swing round to see a tall pale man dressed in an expensive charcoal suit.

"You havn't have you?" the man pushes.


"Well, you'd better go now or there'll be murder to pay."

He holds out a business card.

"I know where he lives. Now piss off before you have a nasty accident."

"Listen you little upstart, I am the Princes Lieutenant and will not be treated like common scum. You will address me as SIR and show a little respect or I'll have you exiled. Now am I going to have to have you escorted or will you come quietly?"

"Oh fuck this."

He jumps off the bar and vanishes to all but the Lieutenant who launches a homing stake.

oops he thinks as the stake turns on it's operator, you never know where people keep their hearts these days......