Some stories
Tears of Glass by Kimberly Ann Carter - the embrace of Crystal.
Descent by Eric Alfred Burns.
The Final Day by Timothy Toner - saying the last goodbye to mortality.
Vampire Hunter S by Rick Jones - a somewhat familiar group of hunters.
Corruption by Alexander Shearer - The Sabbat Salubri story.
Monsters we are... by The Digital Mage.
Eternity Together by Dave Perrey.
Lilith's Children by Scott D. Hurley.
Death of Lasombra by Sean O'Connell.
Gehenna by Mithrandir.
The First and Last One Night Stand of Pam Dora by Ethan Georgi.
And An Angel Fell by Jera.
Atlantis: The Lost Continent by Timothy Toner.
Darkness a short story based on Alejandro Melchor Lombardo's works, by Hector S. Ibarraran.
Heart Rending by The Digital Mage.
The Cafe Du Monde by Rick Jones.
Splintered Image by Deborah Atwood.
A Different Kind of Art by Deborah Atwood.
A Moment in Time by Deborah Atwood - a vampire falling in love. (71k file)
Vampire Alley by Gary Morton.
Lair of Mr. Black by Gary Morton.
Vampire Dream by Gary Morton.
Star by Gary Morton.
WereBaby by Gary Morton.
Blind Vision by Gary Morton.
Dust Devil by Gary Morton.
Hungry Visions by Gary Morton.
Running The Tiger by Gary Morton.
A game of Love... Blood by Sheryl Hanna.
Vampires don't exist or do they? by Sheryl Hanna.
A letter to Lestat by Sheryl Hanna.
Father, Vampire by Sheryl Hanna.
A Vampire's Tainted Love by Sheryl Hanna.
Immortal by Heather Bryan.
My Moon by Heather Bryan.
The keeping of the Innocence by Heather Bryan.
About a character
The Caine Files by Timothy Toner - on the true nature of Caine.
Caine from an Anne Rice style point of view by Joseph E. Beason.
The Inheritor by Timothy Toner - the successor of Caine.
The Generation Jumpers by Timothy Toner - Osric, a vile NPC.
Sidhe by Spider - the stealer of the true name of the Faerie.
Jan by The Digital Mage - an immortal (incomplete).
The following ones are a selection from my Characters and Backgrounds page.
The Night by Timothy Toner.
The Stranger by Timothy Toner - Albert Camus, The Confessor.
Skavenger by Jacob Krarup.
S.D. by B.K. Davis.
The Monitor by Benoît Semelin - the one who watches over the Salubri.
Marius Flavius Vespasianus by Allen Ruch - a two thousand year old Roman Ventrue in New York.
About an item
The Book of Shadows by Timothy Toner - a piece of clan Tremere history.
The Pages and the Pendant by Timothy Toner - some neat stuff for Tremere.
Runic Constructs by Timothy Toner - an efficient version of The Pages.
The Knocking Box by Timothy Toner - trapping souls in a box.
The Egg by Timothy Toner - an exquisite item.
Ghulblade by Timothy Toner - a weapon of power.
The Guide by Timothy Toner - a tome containing secrets, power and madness.
Solcryst by Timothy Toner - containing the essence of sunlight.
Wheat-Eye by Timothy Toner - something to snack on.
Soul Object of Desire by Timothy Toner.
Mirror of Salvation by Timothy Toner.
The Lamp by Yann Golanski.