by Allen B. Ruch (11 May 93)

The Lamiatic Discipline

"Real welcome, we are the Lamia of the pool,
We have been waiting for our waters to bring you cool."
Putting fear beside him, he trusts in beauty blind,
He slips into the nectar, leaving his shredded clothes behind.
With their tongues, they test, taste and judge all that is mine
They move in a series of caresses
That glide up and down my spine.
As they nibble the fruit of my flesh, I feel no pain,
Only a magic that a name would stain
With the first drop of my blood in their veins
Their faces are convulsed in mortal pains.
The fairest cries, "We have loved you, Rael."

- Peter Gabriel (Genesis)
The Lamia -- off of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Succubae is not like most other Kindred Disciplines; it is the sole province of the Lamiae, and cannot be learned by any other clan. Because it is not known whether the Lamiae are a unique group of eternal beings, or if they pass down their bloodline through progeny like normal vampires, it is unknown if Succubae is a set of innate abilities or a discipline that develops with maturity.

[1] Nagaticae: The first discipline of the Lamiae is called nagaticae, the power to transform into a serpent. It is usable at will, and as discussed in the clan description, nagaticae allows a myriad of different variations in color, form, and general shape.

[2] Secret Garden: This is the power of the Lamiae to pass in and out of their magical realm. A twilight world similar to the Umbra, the landscape of the Secret Garden is known only to the Lamiae - although it is often glimpsed by their lovers in their deepest dreams or while in the throes of passion. While dwelling in the Secret Garden, the Lamia may travel as a spirit, possessing the ability to move through the air and pass through mirrors, water and precious metals, regardless of their surface area. Cold iron and salt can prevent the passage of a Lamiae in this form, forcing her to retreat or emerge fully into the material plane.

[3] Mirror of Eros: With this glamour, a Lamia becomes the ultimate sexual mate for a specific male. When finding a male to tempt, the Lamia must roll against his Willpower as a target number. Her dice pool is equal to her Appearance + Manipulation, both of which are usually very high - an average of 4 each. The male must also be asleep, unconscious, or under the influence of drink or drugs - she cannot glamourize a man who is fully awake and conscious. One success translates her into his dreams only, two successes allows her to manifest and fulfill him in an erotic manner, and three successes puts him completely under her sexual control until dawn. In addition, any number of successes allows her to manipulate his memories as needed. It should also be noted that a man can voluntarily lower his willpower, if he chooses not to resist these nocturnal visits...

For the Lamia to establish a dominant "link" with her intended lover, she must establish seven successes each week over a period of seven weeks, a period of time called the Sevenweek Wooing. If she fails to gain any successes on a given night, she may not return until the following night. If she botches a night, she may not return for three more nights.

If the Lamia fails to accumulate seven successes during one of these weeks, she must abandon her intended lover for a period lasting at least seven years. However, if the Sevenweek Wooing is completed successfully, the Lamia need no longer roll for her glamours - they are automatic. She can then begin the seven month ritual of the Crimson Wedlock.

[4] The Musing: This is the Lamiae's key discipline. Simply put, it is the ability to unlock her lover's creative well. It starts during the Sevenweek Wooing, manifesting as brief artistic flashes and sudden inspirations. Once the Lamia achieves her seven-week link, she may begin the Musing in earnest. A lover under a full Musing will experience a rise in his creative output, achieving levels previously unimagined. Breakthrough techniques, stunning levels of genius, and sheer execution of intense creative powers are the hallmark of the Musing. While there may be periods of relative "dryness", once begun, the Musing continues until death or divorce.

It is important to make note of two important considerations. First, the artist's ideas do not come directly from the Lamia. They are truly his and his alone, but without the inspiration of the Lamia they would have remained buried or half-formed in his subconscious. Secondly, whether or not his fellows recognize his genius is an altogether different matter. Ironically enough, some may think him mad. (Joyce springs to mind.)

[5] Crimson Wedlock: This is the final and most fatal power of the Lamiae. After the Sevenweek Wooing, the Lamia has seven months to wed her lover. She is allowed only one attempt during this time, and if she cannot get her lover to place a wedding ring on her finger, she must abandon him forever.

The only restriction on her regards the use of magic. The Lamia is forbidden to dominate, awe, or otherwise charm her lover into placing the ring upon her finger. She is allowed to use conventional trickery, and she can, of course, use the power of sex, or threaten him with the withdrawal of her inspirational talents as a muse. This is often the time of truth for the Lamiae, where she will reveal to her lover her true nature and the scope of her abilities.

Once wedded to the Lamia, the man has sealed his fate. His health will eventually begin to deteriorate as the Lamia acts to jealously guard her husband from mortal love.