by Matthew Hickey (4 Aug 1994)

name: Zodiac
aliases: none known
physical description: --see the wizard-looking nosferatu opposite the 
                        Who's who section of CB: Nosferatu
age: 49
born: Sept 18th, 1939 in Venice, Italy
embraced: Oct 31st, 1989 in Rome

clan: Giovanni              generation: 13th
nature: autist              demeanor: traditionalist
concept: mystic occultist   haven: penthouse above Mericelli Trust 
Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 4
Social:   Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 0
Mental:   Perception 2, Intelligence 4, Wits 4

Talents: Brawl 1, Dodge 2, Intimidation 2, Leadership 2, Subterfuge 2
Skills: Etiquette 2, Firearms 1, Stealth 2
Knowledges: Bureacracy 2, Computer 1, Finance 3, Linguistics 2, 
            Medicine 2, Occult 3, Politics 1, Science 1

Languages: Italian (native), English, Mandarin chinese

Disciplines: Dominate 1, Necromancy 2, Potence 1, Thaumaturgy 1
Rituals: Devil's Touch (level 1)
Backgrounds: Resources 5 (4), Clan Prestige 1, Retainers 1

Conscience 2, Self-Control 5, Courage 3
Humanity 7, Willpower 7

Merits: Powerful Ghoul (ant- see below), Corporate CEO (+1 resources)
Flaws:  Disfigured, Deep Sleeper, Color Blindness, Dark Fate 
        (undocumented), Overconfident, Territorial, Taint of 
        Corruption, Allergic (plastics)

Gear/Equipment commonly used: Cellphone, Taser (hand-held), Guncane, 
    Reading Glasses, wristwatch, diplomatic passport, platinum Visa 
    credit card, $3000 cash.


an otherwise normal member of the Giovanni trade cartel, "Zodiac" was injured in a Glass Walker/Mafia raid in the Naples Trade Center, having acid splashed in his face. When the burns healed, his face and upper torso (including his hands) were disfigured (as shown in the CB:N). Overnight (literaly) he was embraced by a low rank member of the "true" Giovanni. They believed that he would be perfect for spying on the Nosferatu, but the clan members in Italy also knew of the neonate, so the family carted him off to one of their lesser interests in the Americas.

Taking the name Zodiac from his interest in astrology, he arrived shortly before a Sabbat Crusade against the city. Wrapped up in the chaos, Zodiac managed to escape and send word to Italy. The family decided to punish the Black Hand for their violation of the Giovanni's neutrality and Zodiac was moved to Chicago to aid the family's operatives there.

RolePlaying Notes: Zodiac is the simple pencil-pusher turned important and is still suffering from a swelled head about the whole thing. He considers himself above most neonates, and curries favor among the elders of his clan. His interest in the occult has brought him to the study of Thaumaturgy, a field which interests him greatly. While still untrained for his scouting role, he still tries to pass himself off as Nosferatu, he even created a ghoul in their style, a giant ant named Emillio.

Emillio, the ant-ghoul

physical description: a mutated ant (see CB:N), roughly the size of a medium-sized dog.