Sullivan Dane

by Matthew Hickey (22 Aug 1994)

            " Too often humans scurry in fear of the dark.
              Too often they curry favour with the lords of evil.
              Too often they are weak, petty, vain and foolish.
              But not all, and not always.
              The Battle is joined." -- Hunters Hunted
Name:   Sullivan Dane              
Nature: Martyr          Demeanor: Survivor
Concept: former Jesuit, now witch-hunter
Motive: Religious       Method:  Detective/Rligious Heavy-Firepower

Age: 44         Birth: 1957 Mapperly, Great Britain

Physical Description: as per the Vampire rulebook

    -- Attributes --
Strength 2      Dexterity 4     Stamina 4
Charisma 1      Manipulation 3  Appearance 2
Perception 4    Intelligence 4  Wits 5

    -- Abilities --
Talents: Acting 2, Alertness 4, Athletics 4 (Running), Awareness 
    3, Brawl 4 (Boxing), Dodge 4, Intrigue 2, Panhandling 4, 
    Scrounging 3, Sense Deception 2, Streetwise 4    
Skills:  Animal Ken 1, Demolitions 1, Drive 2, Etiquette 2, Firearms 4 
    (Sniper Rifle), First Aid 2, Melee 4 (Stake), Music 5, Repair 1, 
    Research 2, Security 3, Stealth 5, Survival 3    

Knowledges: Bureaucracy 1, Culture 4, Investigation 5 (Vampire 
    Attacks), Kindred Lore 2, Law 2, Linguistics 3, Medicine 2, Occult 
    4 (Vampires), Psychology 3, Theology 4 (Caine myths)
Languages: English, French, Latin, Hebrew

Numina: Auspex 1, True Faith 8
[note: Sullivan has performed miracle of Faith in the past, and is 
thus no longer considered a Sleeper/mortal when it comes to the 
Delerium/Shroud/Paradox, etc.]

Backgrounds: Contacts 3, Hunter Status 2

Conscience 2    Self-Control 5  Courage 4
Humanity 7      Willpower 10

Merits: Code of Honor, Blase, Natural Leader, Church Ties, Catlike 
Flaws:  Potent Blood, Driving Goal (Destroy all vampires)

Equipment/Gear: worn clothing, gloves, trenchcoat, 3 wooden stakes, 
    fighting knife, baseball bat, hip flask full of holy water, 
    crucifex, roseary and bible


(see the Vampire rulebook)

        "Hello, Sullivan. . . "
                    - The Harbinger, Under A Blood Red Moon

Sullivan, as he is presented in Revelations, is a little more grungier around the edges. He has no resources, and often bullies old misers into giving him what he needs to continue his hunts- vowing eternal damnation on their souls if they do not help him.

He comes into the Chron. shortly after the first adventure, hunting down the Harbinger (Matthew). It seems that Sullivan has been tracking him since his escape from Quebec City and subsequent travels ending in Chicago. The Harbinger plays with this most dangerous prey, keeping him away from Lodin's eyes, and even asking for his help in wiping out a Sabbat haven during Under A Blood Red Moon. At every crossroads the Harbinger speaks to him, trying to make him understand the nature of his purpose, and to make Sullivan conceed that Good can not exist without Evil- a philosophical truth that Sullivan refuses to accept.

Future Notes: Sullivan becomes the leader of the largest rebel group during Gehenna. Among his followers are those (very few) magi who survived the initial Nephnadi attack (including Marauder, Technomancer and Tradition magi), a few Eternals from the Court of Ramses, the Ananasi, and mortals. He has had a crisis of Faith, but has recovered with even more strength- seeing the truth of the Harbinger's words (he now has Faith 10 and the hilt of a Crusader's Sword). During his wanderings, he came across a young girl named Rachael, living on the streets of Montreal. He took her in, and gave her over to the local Jesuit-sponsored orphanage. The girl soon grew up to become a powerful Hunter in her own style and now serves as Sullivan's second-in-command.