by Matthew Hickey (14 Sep 1994)

            "I don't want to believe 
             that I was born to fight.
             Though it would be too easy 
             to say that it is too late.
             Don't hide your eyes from 
             the bitter reality growing before you
             Turn it into courage and "Blow Up" "Blow Up""
                                - Oomori Kinuko Victory
                                    (from Bubblegum Crisis)
name: Caitlin MacInnis "Sierra"
Clan: Salubri                       Generation: 8th
Nature: Survivor                    Demeanor: Bravo
Concept: Salubri warrior            Haven: none, wanders

Age: 205                            Apparent Age: mid-twenties
Born: Jul 17th, 1789                RIP: Nov 23rd, 1814

Physical Description: Sierra is of medium height and light weight with pale skin, and slightly boyish build. She has green eyes, and dark brown hair that reaches her waist, often braided. Her style changes, keeping up with modern trends, currently it is a clashing combination of New Ager and Blood Doll/1970s Punk.

Strength 4      Dexterity 5         Stamina 4
Charisma 4      Manipulation 4      Appearance 4
Perception 5    Intelligence 5      Wits 5

Talents:    Acting 1, Alertness 4, Athletics 5, Brawl 4 (Street 
            Fighting), Dodge 4, Empathy 3, Intimidation 4 (physical 
            threat), Intrigue 1, Leadership 2, Masquerade 2, 
            Panhandling 2, Scrounge 3, Streetwise 4, Style 2, 
            Subterfuge 2           
 Skills:    Animal Ken 2, Archery 3, Blind Fighting 2, 
            Camouflage 3, Demolitions 4, Disguise 3, 
            Drive 3, Firearms 5 (rifles, two weapons),             
            Fire Walking 2, First Aid 5, Heavy Weapons 3, 
            Hunting 3, Melee 4 (swords), Pilot 3, Stealth 4, 
            Survival 3, Technology 2, Tracking 3
Knowledges: Camarilla Lore 2, Canada Lore 3, Computer 1, History 1
            Investigation 4, Kindred Lore 3, Linguistics 3, Law 2,
            Lupine Lore 3, Mage Lore 2, Medicine 3, Occult 5, 
            Politics 3, Sabbat Lore 3, Salubri Knowledge 3, Science 3, 
            Sewer Lore 3, Spirit Lore 2, Tremere Knowledge 2
Languages:  English, French (Acadian), Irish Gaelic (native), 
            Iroquois  (native american)
Disciplines:    Animalism 1, Auspex 4, Celerity 3, Dominate 1, 
                Fortitude 5, Obeah 3, Obfuscate 4, Potence 4, 
                Presence 2, Protean 2, Thaumaturgy 1  
Backgrounds:    Allies 4 (Inconnu), Contacts 2 (New Age Feminist 
                groups), Herd 2, Mentor 4 (Vlad Tepes), Resources 2,
                Inconnu Status 3 (Monitor)

Conscience 5    Instincts 1     Courage 5
Humanity 6      Willpower 9     Blood Pool 15/3

Merits:     Animal Friendship, Code of Honor, Silence, Fast Learner,
            Eidetic Memory, Daredevil

Flaws:      Dark Secret (Salubri), Enemy (Clan Tremere), Clan Emnity 
            (Tremere, Salubri), Ward (The Harbinger), Short Fuse, 
            Intolerance (Tremere and those with the nature/demeanor 
Equipment:  street clothes, longcoat (modified to hold weapons), 
            knife, hand taser, and weapons... normally she carries (at 
            least) two pistols, Ruger Super RedHawk, and Fianchi Law 
            12 shotgun (sawed-off, dragonsbreath rounds), when going 
            into a potentially dangerous situation she also carries a 
            two-handed sword (enchanted, a sword of discharge), and 
            an Ingram MAC-10.  When going into battle she goes in 
            with several gun belts, class II body armour, the knife, 
            the Super RedHawk, the shotgun, the sword, the taser, two 
            UZI 9mm SMGs (set for full auto), a M-79 Grenade launcher 
            (incindary and fragmentation grenades), 1kg (2.2 lbs) of 
            C4 plastique explosives, and 2 timers.  She has access 
            (via the Inconnu) to rediculous ammounts of ammunition for 
            these weapons, a sniper rifle with all the fixings 
            (incld. flash suppressor and silencer), and a modified 
            Blackhawk Helicopter with forward mounted 2, .30mm machine 


Caitlin was born in the wrong body. She ran and fought with the boys from her New Brunswick township, much to the embarassment of her Irish Catholic parents. She refused to marry, and fought (vainly) to further her education beyond an elementary school level. Her parents had disowned her at 19, after a bitter argument over her life. She left her township and moved to Fredericton, the largest city in the area.

Soon after her 22nd birthday she got involved in the 1812 war between the Americans and the British (and by default, Canadian colonies). She disguised her sex, called herself Jean-Francois LeGaud and signed up as a scout in the His Majesty's army. Her secret and her resourcefulness made her a very effective scout and spy, helping take most of New England from the Yankees (we gave it back soon after the war.). Shortly after the declaration of peace, she once again found herself forced to return to her weaker role in society. She did not take this lightly and fled west, to the Hudson Bay company's territories. During her trek, she came across a group of strange individuals dealing with the devil (Tremere vampires enacting a rite). She attacked them, screaming out for the fires of Heaven to strike them down (she was a lapsed Catholic). They almost killed her, but at that same time, several wolves also decended from the hillsides and fell on the strangers (Garou attack, she has the willpower to remember some of the events). With the wolves was a young Huron, clothed only in skins and pelts. The boy saved her life, but at a cost. He said something about his time had come, and then the boy (not much older than 9 or 10), picked her up and ripped out her throat.

When she came to, it was night, and she almost killed the little boy as he slept next to her. He said that he was a healer, but that his time to die was near. He taught her what he could of Saulot's path to Golconda, but she found the concept of willingly giving up your life, even to save your immortal soul, was not only a stupid concept, but a useless one. Still, the Salubri sacrificed himeself, and she did drink of his lifeblood (she wasn't that dense, she knew her power lay in the strength of the blood). She then set out to find the 'Shining Ones' that the boy had mentioned. She didn't find them, rather, they found her. They (Inconnu) had been watching from a far the Salubri, and they were puzzled as to why he had chosen this firebrand as his disciple. But they did not want to answer her questions. They subdued her and took her back to Hunedora Castle.

She was kept "for her own protection" in the castle for about half a century. During her restless stay she met a dark, brooding man who the others called the Dragon's Son (Vlad Tepes). This one saw her inner fire and her need to struggle, so he made her busy with grueling training exercises, martial training, weapons, tutoring in various humanitarian arts, etc. She flourished under his tutiledge, learning faster than she ever had before.

Soon the Inner Council called on her during one of their annual meetings. There she met the other Salubri, and she was disappointed to learn that the same slavish martyrdom that the indian boy had exhibited was more or less true for the rest of the remaining Salubri. The Council expressed regret that she chose to continue a warlike path for herself. Hearing this the other Salubri, revolted by this, stood back from her, vowing that they would not aid her until she came to understand the Truth of Saulot. But Tepes spoke on her behalf, stating that, as she was more than capable of surviving on her own without fear of the Tremere, and that she had repeatedly shown a desire to leave, that she should be given the title of Monitor and given permission to leave. This through the Council into violent debate; "a Salubri monitor? But where would she be able to go? If she stayed anywhere, the chances of discovery were very high, why should they risk it?" The debate went on for two days straight. In the end, a compromise was reached. She would be given the title of Monitor, but she must be an itinerant one. She would go where she pleased, only a letter away from the Inner Council's command, but she must collect data on the Jyhad and report her findings back to the council every 9th year.

This practice has remained until a few years ago, when she was asked by the Council to observe a young boy in her native province. She returned just as the boy's (actually a teenager) parents had died in a car crash returning from a Summer Vacation that he had stayed home from. She marveled at how the boy took care of himself during the following period, raising not only himself but also his baby sister, the sole survivor of the accident. When he moved to Quebec, she lost him in the crowd during a festival in the capital city. When she caught up with him, he had already been taken by a Sabbat pack to a nearby ruined fort. She stayed with him during his stay with the Black Hand, sending back report after report to Romania, documenting his unusual powers and his mysterious knowledge of pre- historical events. She never lost track of him during his wandering, wishing either her edict on self-identification and no direct action would be removed or she would receive a new mission. During his recent trip to Toronto (the events of which make up the story, "Dramatis Personae"), she again lost track of him.

RolePlaying Notes: Sierra is a fighter, a warrior. She dislikes the neutrality of her position, but if she resigned, she wouldn't be allowed to roam free across the world. She's the closest thing to a Salubri Antitribu, being the most likely to sire Childer without sacrifice. She is also beginning to slouch off the inhabitions of humanity, slowly following the Path of Harmony. She hates Caregivers, thinking them weak and passive (one and the same in her book).