The Harbinger

by Matthew Hickey (6 Aug 1994)

(This is my character... so please be gentle with any flames)

           "Don't look, don't look, the shadow's free-
                 Every night I burn, scream the animals scream.
                 Every night I burn, dream the crow black dreams."
                                   - Cure Burn
                 "Listen as the Wind blows, from across the Great Divide.
                 Voices trapped in yearning, memories trapped in time.
                 The Night is my Companion, and Solitude my Guide
                 Would I spend forever here, and not be satisfied-

                 Onto the sea of waking dreams I follow without pride,
                 Because nothing stands between us here,
                 and I won't be denied"
                                   - S.McLachlan Possession
Name: none ("Matthew")
Player's Name: Matthew Hickey
Aliases: The Harbinger, "Gehenna", the Messenger, Protector of the 
         Last Daughter
Chronicle: Revelations (Gehenna's Gate)

Clan: Outcast (malkavian antitribe)      Generation: 8th
Nature: Visionary/Survivor               Demeanor: Fanatic/Curmudgeon
Concept: Outcast/Pariah                  Haven: Barrens

Age 19                                   Apparent age: early 20s
Birthdate: Feb 20, 1975                  RIP Aug 16, 1993

Physical Description: A young man of light, underweight build (5'10, 121 lbs) with faint scars on his forehead and chin. His eyes are difficult to look at and describe, for they slowly shift colour as you look at them, going from (all dark) green, blue and grey. His skin is like black-veined white marble.

-- Attributes --
Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Charisma 4, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2
Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

-- Abilities --
Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 3, Empathy 1, 
         Intimidation 3       
Skills:  Firearms 2, Melee 3, Stealth 3
Knowledges: Linguistics 1, Occult 3, Cosmology 1, Enigmas 1, 
            Malkavian Time 1, Spirit/Wraith Lore 1, Sabbat Lore 2, 
            Kindred Lore 5 (Gehenna)
Languages: English, French (Diplomatic)

Disciplines: Auspex 2, Dementate 2, Obfuscate 2, Obtenebration 1
Backgrounds: Resources 3, Status 1 (Feared, Pariah)

Callousness 2, Instincts 4, Courage 3
Path of Harmony 8, Willpower 9

Merits: Dual Nature, Blase, Silence, Spirit Mentor, Medium, True Love 
        (Kathryn), Early Riser, Catlike Balance, Mystic Ability, 
        Special Gift (Heartwood Spear)    

Flaws:  Driving Goal (Gehenna), Hatred (servants of the Nephandi), 
        Dark Secret, Confused, Amnesia, Cursed (Diablerie veins 
        manifest physically on body), Light Sensitive, Cast No 
        Reflection, Eerie Presence, Social Outcast, Enemy (Nephandi, 
        the entire Sabbat organization), Diabolist (see below), 
        Notoriety, Hunted (Sullivan Dane), Extremely Pale Skin, 
        Secret Friendship (Tammille Obertus, revenant scholar of 
        millenial prophecy for the Montreal Bishopric)
new flaws: Diabolist (3pt. Kindred Ties)- character creation flaw, 
                     vampire diablerized someone immediately before 
                     the chronicle started, so the veins are visible 
                     to Auspex)                
           Extremely Pale Skin (1pt. Physical)- character's skin is 
                     as white as marble or porceline, +2 to all 
                     masquerade attempts

Heartwood Spear (6' double-ended spear made of Rowan heartwood, 
          causes aggrevated damage, if broken it can be reformed if 
          the user spends one blood point)                     

Gear/Equipment commonly carried:  Spear, several overlapping hooded 
        black cloaks and dark grey robes (count as armor I), boots, 
        cloth and gloves (only eyes are visble when worn), straight 
        razor, Ruger Super Redhawk (manstoppers), Glock 22 or Fianchi 
        12 shotgun (shells are manstoppers), hand taser (use melee 
        instead of firearms).
Malkavian Stage: Lunatic
Derangements: Cynicism, Amnesia (mortal life), Delusions of 
              Grandeur (?)        


Not much is known about the Harbinger. He claims to have been visited by Saulot during his embrace, and shown the events described in the Chronicle of Caine (the death of Abel, Caine's expulsion, and cursing by the four Archangels) and the full Chronicle of Secrets. He is the Harbinger of Gehenna, and while bringing this doom to the world, he also fights to weaken the Antideluvians, esp. those sided with the Nephandi (Set, Nosferat, Troile- see the Book of Nod for complete list, for his reasoning, see the Code of the Diabolist in Bloody Hearts:Diablerie in England).

He remebers little of his mortal life. He knows that his name was once Matthew and that he is from eastern Canada. He knew Kathryn and has strong fealings for her. During her disappearance (see Kathryn), he is somewhat withdrawn and prone to mood swings. He sometimes has dreams of a little girl (about two) screaming for her mother, in a burning car wreck.

His unlife has been quite a shock. Created by Poor Sarah (see the photo of the girl with the bunny ears in CB:Malkav), an antitribu, Matthew carved a name for himself by killing his birth pack, and many nomad packs in the eastern corridor (Quebec City to the Great Lakes). He is wanted for crimes against the Sabbat, including, but not limited to: Treason, diablerie of sect members including priests and prisci, murder, consorting with enemies of the Sabbat (Carmarilla, independants, Inconnu, Lupines, Magi), and posing as a figurehead (the Sabbat believe that Caine is the only true Harbinger). The Camarilla elders want him (or rather the various warlords of the Jyhad want him), the Inconnu have ordered him watched by Sierra (see Sierra), many Traditons such as the Verbena and the Dreamspeakers want him (it seems that he had a powerful unawakened avatar in life and talked to spirits), and others (esp. Nightshade the unsidhe and various Wraiths). The Tremere (Etrius and Carl Shreck in particular) believe his cliams and therefore believe he will find the Last Daughter spoken of in the Chronicle of Secrets, and therefore want him followed.

RolePlaying Notes: Matthew believes that he is the Harbinger, and that Gehenna will come very soon, hastened by his actions. He is calm but a little worried by the inability of others to see how near the end is. He does not wish to, but often finds himself leading others, especially the outcasts of the WoD.

Notes: in Revelations, he _is_ the Harbinger, and his actions (by leading the other characters around does cause Gehenna to happen. But he is destroyed in Rage Across Russia (I don't know what the ST has in store for him at this point). But he is supposed to return as a Wraith to fulfill his role as the protector of the Last Daughter (who is a lost Child of Gaia Theurge- born after the death of all the Garou, she is to be the first Garou in the Next World). The child is his baby sister Rachael who was abandoned after Matthew's disappearance, during Gehenna she joins Sullivan Dane in leading the resistance against the Antedeluvians.