Eye of the Storm

by Sean Simmons (15 Jul 1993)

Well, ok, here is like a bare-bones explanation of the Chronicle.

One of the player's sire is a 1000 year old 2 time Justicar of clan Gangrel. The other players are all "friends" of hers who are near/in Boston and owe her favors.

Carni McDougal, I think was the sire's name. Anyways, so the plotline. The plotline goes like this:

There is an artifact called the Eye of Caine. When held in the palm, if the holder contemplates a person, (dead or alive), he gets a feeling for where that person is. The more he knows about the person the better the feeling. It's actually pretty forgiving, if you know alot of legends that are mostly false and a few false aliases you can probably narrow it down to a district of a town. It's existance is, of course, a matter of legend, and no one really believes it exists on the international level.

Anyways, (tries to tighten up the description), in mega brief, there are some old books on object in Boston. A Tremere Primogen and a Human Mage find them. And both come to the conclusion that it exists. The Tremere Primogen finds out where it is, the mage gets the key to get it out. The mage, knowing he's over his head, contacts an old friend, (Carni McDougal), and consults him as to what its worth to him, etc., etc. Carni takes possession of the key, the mage is hit by the Tremere Primogen, Carni contacts his childer, (he has 4), to come to Boston to help him, When the PC childer goes to meet Carni he doesn't show. The childer who lives in Boston is missing, enter mystery, the PCs have no idea what's going on. At the same time, the Prince of Boston's right hand man left to help his sire in Pittsburgh, (against Sirinor of Fall of Sirinor fame, random tie-in ;), so there is a Prince battle going on, as the Malkavian Primogen (yes, there was one ;), has been murdered. Mmm, well, anyways, so there are alot of players in the political scene, it's all a big mess, and rather more complex than I've presented it, but the player's wind up in the middle with everyone watching them hoping that they can put together the pieces of the puzzle left by Carni, get the key, and retrieve the eye, at which point the more powerful vamps will calmly take it away from them... Without raising the eye of even more powerful vamps elsewhere. And of course, there are factions that want the eye, some want to destroy it, some don't know anything except that other people are looking for something, it's, well, complex. But that should be enough to explain why Eye of the Storm is an ironic title for the chronicle.

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