by B.K. Davis (16 Mar 94)

I was born in New York in Jamaica Queens. My father was a member of a jamican posse and my mother was a little into voodoo and made money selling charms. My father was killed in a shootout between his gang and some DEA agents, when I was only 14 years old. De gang felt bad about my poppa getting iced so dey sort of adopted me and taught me some of the ways of the street. I hung around dem a lot and learned how to fight and shoot a gun. Dey called me their lucky charm cause of who my mother was and because I had bright green eyes. I went to high school off and on ,but mostly hung out in the streets making money by making drug drops ,and selling drugs.One night we were suppose to meet with someone coming from DC to see how we had been doing. He walking in with an air that left no doubt that he was de MAN. He was an elderly black man with long grey dredlocks and he walking with a snake-headed cane. As he scanned the crowd he happened to look at me.

He came towards me and took off his shades. I was staring into golden eyes with large black irises. I could not move and dared not even breath. He slowly reached his hand to my head and rubbed my head. He smiled at me and said \"I knew your fadder boy. I\"m gonna take care of you now". He then smiled, turned and walked into the meeting room leaving me breathless. I felt really special cause dat was also the same day as my 18th birthday. I told my mother what happened and she looked a little worried and said "Its sounds like you have been talking to de Baron". I smiled and told her that I was leaving to go with the Baron to Washington D.C. **note The Baron is an legendary Ancient Voodoo Master that works magic and used to reside in Jamaica.** She wished that I would not go, but gave me her blessings, and made me kiss her gris-gris, which was in de form of a great white sharks\" tooth that had been carved with symbols and enlaid with silver. I spent de night with my posse hanging out and smoking ganja. I was suppose to leave the next night to fly with de Baron to DC.

In the morning I awoke to a pounding on my door. I answered the door with a machete in my hand. It was a a friend of my mothers she told me that my mother was killed in robbery. De police let me see the body and my mother had been torn to shreds, her once kind gentle face was shredded. It was only by de silver wedding band and dental records did we id the body. I noticed that dere was hardly any blood at all on her clothes. I stayed till she was buried, and made arrangements to sell de house. About a week later I flew down to DC to work for de Baron. While in de employ of de Baron I got very good with guns, maritial arts, and my machete. The Baron even used me as a bodyguard from time to time. He treated me like a son. I had the best clothes, weapons, and women that money could buy.

One night de Baron was in his nightclub talking to a dignified white man with silver hair, when two guys in leather jackets came up and started to raze de woman that with de man. I stepped to dem and asked dem to leave. That is when dey jumped me. Dey moved so fast that I was almost surprised by the attack. De biggest guy threw a punch at my head and I grabbed and lock his wrist with one hand, while de other guy tried to grab me. I swayed slightly to de side and using the force of de big guys punch threw him into his smaller friend , and dey both landed on floor in a heap. Dey were very strong, and very fast. Dey looked at me with shock and where about to get up and try again when dey noticed dat they were outnumbered about 5 to 1. heard rather loudly. As I flashed my gun , I said "Leave now mon!". Dey snarled at me when dey left and I heard one of them say "Damn ghouls!".

The silver haired guy look at the Baron and said "That is quite a ghoul you have there would you consider selling him to me "?. De Baron shook his head no and said softly "He is not a ghoul dat was all natural, he has skill ehh". The silver haired man (I found out later that his name was Edward) gasped in shock and gazed at me. Later on Edward and de Baron had very harsh words, Edward even put his fingers in de Baron\"s face. I stood and was about to do something when Edward looked at me and said "SIT!". I sat. I was puzzled and de Baron took off his shades and stared at Edward with those golden eyes, freezing him in his tracks. He then slowly lifted a glass of wine from the table and never taking his eyes off Edward poured the over his head slowly letting it stain the fine silver hair a reddish shade. When my master put his shades back on Edward looked about to have a fit, he was gnawing on his lips and I thought I saw blood mixed with wine running down his face.

Edward left in a hurry followed by his lady friend who was a slim woman who my breath away. I smiled at her and she spoke to me "I saw the way you handled yourself and you move well. We will have to talk sometime.". I smiled a flashy smile showing off my gold tooth and said "Sho nuff." I got the the wierdest feeling while I was watching her, it seemed to me that she was more of a bodyguard than Edward's lady. I noticed that even as mad as he was he treated her with much respect. I glanced at her face as they were leaving and noticed how her skin looked like dark honey, and her long black hair glistened in the light. She meet me eyes and smiled a smile that reached all the way to her almond shaped, coal black eyes and sent my heart a thumping. S.D. I said to myself get a grip. I then turned back to my boss and asked him what that was all about. He said to me "There are people in this city that want to advantage of my presence, and my people. Edward wanted my help in taking control of de city , but he is just a liddle boy playing a man's game. The current boss has no problems with me as long as I stay out of de limelight." I frowned and said "how did he make me sit down like dat?" The baron smiled and said "he has that ability like my ability to freeze people like I have done to you."

De Baron den started to talk to a young lady and took her to his private chambers in de club. Later several ladies heading coming from his chambers with a dazed look in dere eyes. De Baron summoned me and , we den left for home. There were certain parts of the house that I was not allowed to enter, such as his voodoo temple in the sub-basement and his bedroom in the basement. De baron like sleeping during de day and working at night. I understood ,cause voodoo priests have strange habits. One early evening about 6 or so, dere was a UPS truck that pulled up in driveway and men in urban camos started pouring out with weapons, I also noticed a man wearing a white outfit directing dem. Dey started opening fire on my fellow gang members, but the baron had trained us well and I took to the roof and started sniping people. I know I shot de guy in white at least once, then I did not see him any more. I knew somehow he was heading for the baron, I was worried for the baron was a very heavy sleeper and might not wake up. I rushed down stairs as fast as I could and almost bumped into the guy in white. I was about to shoot him when he ripped the gun out of hands and was about to grab me. I quickly focused my chi into my fist and quickly threw a chi ball punch at his head. He dodged out of the way very fast and hit me in the chest hard. I went flying and my shades were knocked off and the wind almost knocked out of me. He looked at me and said "Ahh you are foolish to follow such an evil man", and with that advanced upon me with a kick, which I barely rolled out of the way in time and quickly drew my machete from it sheath. The slither of steel against leather was a pleasing sound to my ears.I then noticed a huge black snake coming from downstairs. I remembered de Baron telling us to leave all snakes alone here ,as dey where his pets.

I den saw 2 other people coming down to basement, one was a former member of the gang and was wearing camos and de other was a big guy with an ankh around his neck and a wooden stake in de other. The snake took off after the two other people while I squared off against the man in white. He attacked me again and I barely managed to block his attack with my machete. I heard the screams of Tasha the ex-gang member pleading for his life with the snake. The guy with de stake was raising it to impale stick de snake. De snake struck out and bite Tasha on the neck, while de other guy drove the stake in the middle of the snake. Tasha started writhing around a den grew still as the poison made its way swiftly to his heart. De stake impaled the snake causing it to toss and turn. The guy held up his ankh and started praying.

My fight was hard, for I was facing someone faster, stronger, and tougher than I was. I felt death slowly creeping towards me in the form of the man in white. We slowly circled each other in a macbre duet of strikes, parries and dodges. I was getting my ass handed to me ya know. I had yet to cut him. What happened next was all a blur of action, de Baron was suddenly behind the guy and had a long snakelike tongue in the guys back. The other guy with de ankh was holding his head screaming "NO I WILL NOT BE CORRUPTED!" .

The guy reached in his robes and pulled out a slender stake and stabbed it backwards directly for the eyes of de baron. In my wounded state I shocked myself by spinning like a top and swinging the machete in a upperward slice with the sharp edge of the machete slicing through his wrist ,causing both the hand and the stake to fly in the air, the blade continued and seem like it was moving very very slow. The man in white looked at me with shock as I cut off his hand which quickly turned to horror as the blade bit into his neck. I felt a little resistance as the blade dug in, but the force of my blow combined with the spin, angle and skill swept his head off of his neck to bounce and roll on the floor. De other man looked upon the scene in horror and quickly fled the room. De baron with a long snake like tongue ordered me to check on de rest of the men. I left as fast as I could after picking up my rifle and putting on my shades. De guys in camos had broken off the attack as soon de guy with de ankh came running out shouting "Lets get the hell out of here!". Only 3 of de gang were still alive, the rest had been shot to pieces. In the distance I heard sirens coming closer then they stopped altogether. He had called his friends in the police force and had the cops turn back. We loaded de dead up in a truck and had someone take them to incinerator to get rid of de bodies. The body of the man in white had disappeared , but the baron told me he had taken care of it. He told me that he had some enemies called the Children of Osris that were out to kill him. He then smiled and said I have no doubt that they are now your enemies as well. He den told me that the one of the enemy had seen me take the head off of their friend. De baron said he had tried to catch him, but had failed. Somehow I got the feeling dat he had let him escape so that I would have enemies among them, forcing me even closer to de baron.

De baron was puzzled about how dey knew where to find him and I suggested dat maybe Edward had told them. He smiled and said "Dat might be true so I want you to kill him". I nodded, and asked where he had gotten de snake from and what had happened to it. He smiled and told me not to worry about it. I spent a few days resting and healing. Den I set out looking for Edward's place or clues. I found some of his bodyguards making errands in the limo. I followed it and had a friend place a bomb with a remote control under the car. De bomb was designed to explode and had a naplam center, so that people inside of the car would be on fire. De bomb also was shaped to explode directly upwards into the car and thus contain de damage done. I had the limo followed up to a huge mansion. Around 7 that night Edward and Mizra, de lovely lady I mentioned before , left the mansion. She got into a dark green BMW after talking to Edward and nodding. She drove away while he went back inside. About 20 minutes he came back out with some other guys wearing business suits and power ties. I noticed that that all had the same air of command that Edward has, or should I say had. As soon as dey pulled off and reached a rather empty section of the road I press the button and watched the limo explode and go up in flames.

The bodyguards were killed almost instantly and a few of the passengers staggered out trying to put out the flames that covered dere body. I raced forward and draw out my machete in one hand and my uzi with the other. I sprayed them with bullets and cut off dere heads. I noticed that dey all had long fangs. Somehow Edward had escaped de flames and I raced towards him. As I drew nearer I averted my eyes so I was looking at his chest. My shades helped to cover the fact that I was not looking at his eyes. He said "You foolish mortal, I had planned to take over the city from the foolish prince and you have slain my pack. I sprayed his area with gunfire hitting him at least twice. I did not notice the motorcycle gang that had ridden up and was watching the whole scene. I shot Edward at almost point blank range on full auto. Edward was in very bad shape and could hardly move. It looked like he was about to go asleep, or into a coma or something. I raced forward and with a sideward sweep of the machete I took off his head. It went flying to the fire. I smiled and said to de headless body "Well know boy ya mess wida us and we fix you good. Greetings in hell from da Baron". I then dragged the body over to the fire and threw it in.

The uzi was jammed so I tossed the it on the fire and was about to resheath my machete when I realize that I had cracked the blade. It was know useless to me. I frowned and threw it on the fire hoping that the extreme heat would mangle it some. I then went back to de car and had my driver take off. As we drove to de house I passed a dark green BMW parked with no one in it. It took me about 2 seconds to run inside the house and find my other gang members knocked out. I told my driver to get dem out of here and to hideout number 3. I raced down to the basement and saw nothing, but I felt as though I was being watched. I tried to say something , but could not even hear myself speak. The slim lady suddenly popped out of nowhere slashed me hard with claws. I flew back and landed with a thud against the far wall. I gasped and could finally hear myself. I asked her what she had done with de Baron and was about to get up attack when de Baron appeared behind her and grabbed her. He shouted "Cut off her head she is trying to kill me!" I him dat I no longer had a machete. I really did not want to kill her, but I had no choice. He told me to go into his temple and get the one dere. His tongue got long and he tried to bite back of her neck with it. I raced into de temple ,dripping blood from de slash on my chest, and grabbed a blood stained steel machete off his wall where it was hanging and as I turned to leave I saw on a shelf a small earthen jar with something tied around it. I felt numb and so I grabbed it off the shelf.

De gris-gris tied around it was without a doubt my mothers. I used to play with it when I was a baby and I had cut myself on the cheek when I was small. I fingered the scar lightly now remembering how my mother used to rock to sleep or wave it in front of me when I was a baby and tried to catch it. I used the machete to shattered the jar and take the gris-gris. I saw a bright light flash and in my mind I heard my mothers voice in my head saying "Honey child I am free now , and so are you." She then told me that the Baron had captured her spirit and put in the jar to give himself more power, and that he was planning to make me into a ghoul, which meant I would be his boyguard/slave forever. She told me dat de Baron could be killed if you find his heart and destroy it, by fire or putting it out in the sun. The heart is underneath the altar. I tried to move the altar and was able to move it slightly and grab an item wrapped in leather. I pulled it out and there was an ugly black lump of flesh that seemed rock hard. I raced out of the room and held the heart up.

"BARON" I screamed holding up the lump of flesh. The girl slid limply out of his arms and hit the floor with a thud. He said "Give me that now my son". I smirked and said "It's time to settle accounts Baron, I held up the heart and de machete, and slowly sliced de heart with it. De Baron screamed and said "What do you want mon I will give you anything !". I growled "I want my mother back , but since dat is not possible I want your life". I sliced de heart again and again hearing de Baron scream in pain. I thought of my mother at every slice. I den had a pain in my leg. The Baron had managed to get that snake-like footlong tongue out and was hurting me badly. I saw Mizra slowly getting up as I severed de Barons' tongue from his mouth with a downward slice that was guided more by the weight of the blade than my strength which then left me. I collapsed and the heart rolled out of my hand towards the temple. The last thing I saw was Mizra scooping up the heart and throwing that and something else down into the temple. Everything slowly faded to black.....

I awoke to something be pressed to my lips and drinking deeply. I drank and felt refreshed and revived. I look at her and she look pale and very tired. She said "We need to talk". She explained everything that had been going on that she was hired by Edward ,a sabbat Venture I think that is what she said, to kill the Baron before he could strike back or notify the Prince of the city what was going on. I smiled and told her that Edward and a bunch of his cronies were dead and that I had killed them. She smiled and said "I could get into a lot of trouble for what I have done , but I have yet to meet anyone outside of my clan with the strength and purpose you have shown. I embraced you turning you into a vampire, but I can't admit that you are my childe. I will teach you somethings and you will have to make your own path in the world. Your past has still marks you. I will train you and we will see how it goes from there". I asked Mizra where she had gotten the blood from to feed me and she showed me the Baron's stock of blood, which contained about 20 vials of the Baron's blood which he used to blood bond people. Mizra told me that she had feed me from some of the vials and that there had been more like 40, but had decided that I might need all the blood I could get, and that she had need some blood as well. She said that will be sending the rest of the blood to a safe place.

We spent the rest of the night talking and she taught me a lot about the Kindred, the Camarilla, and the Sabbat. We slept all day and that night I talked to my few remaining posse members and told dem dat the Baron was dead and to goto New York and work with de posse we had up dere. I gave dem almost all de money and told dem to tell people dat I was dead. Dey smiled and said "Irie mon, Irie". I packed up a few things and I burned the house down. Mizra fixed the police, and media reports and I went away with Mizra to learn all about being a vampire. My martial arts and firearms reached amazing levels under her watchful eye. She left and went to some meeting of her clan. She left me with some money and bought some equipment and told me to go out and make a name for myself. If I did well enough she would see what she could do about getting me adopted in de Assamite clan. I smiled she finally asked me what SD stands for. I told her Solomon Davidson. She look at me with a wierd look on her face and said "now you name is something else now .......... Silent Death..............". She was killed in a plane crash in turkey, along with 5 other members of her clan, by terrorists. I know now dat de fates have planned for me to be alone......

Well I am not a writer (no flames please), but I just wanted to share this little story about a char I made up for a Vampire chronicle. The language may be a little of in places (back and forth from accent to non-accent), but if you just read it and try (please) to enjoy the story I am sure you will. It may even give others out there the courage (or morale, hehehe) to post their own little stories. This is my first and maybe last attempt at writing a story. So please , if you have nothing good to say , do not say anything. I have already had a tech-writer friend of mine hack it apart and he did it in a somewhat nice way. Well later and enjoy.