by Christopher Charles Bickford (19 Nov 93)

In the spirit of doing something new on the list, here is a character I have run in the Indianapolis LARP. The character started off on the standard neonate template, and has had quite a bit of experience since then. He's been around quite a bit, and I've converted him back from the Masquerade system, so those of you one the list who are in the Indy game can read this without fear of learning anything you shouldn't know.

Also, he illustrates Ghiloni's axiom of roleplaying: 'If you know enough about your character to hate what he does, but do it anyway because the character demands it, you are roleplaying well.'

Geoffry is currently in transition between iconolast and idealist. I never want to play an idealist, but the game, and events demand it, and my concept suports it. :(

Anyway, here he is.

Name          : Geoffry Watkins
Date of Birth : March 23, 1895
Pace of Birth : near Burlington, VT
Generation    : 9th
Clan          : Brujah
Embrace       : November 10, 1918
Apparent age  : mid-20s
 Strength     : 5
 Dexterity    : 4
 Stamina      : 2
 Charisma     : 3
 Manipulation : 1
 Appearance   : 2 
 Perception   : 4
 Intelligence : 2
 Wits         : 3

 Alertness (bodyguard) : 4
 Brawl (bar fighting)  : 4
 Dodge                 : 3
 Intimidation          : 3
 Leadership            : 2
 Drive                 : 2
 Firearms              : 2
 Melee                 : 3
 Survival              : 2
 Stealth               : 2
 Celerity : 3
 Potence  : 5
 Presence : 1
 Generation : 4
 Herd       : 3
 Mentor     : 5
 Resources  : 2 
 Status     : 2 
 Conscience   : 1
 Self-control : 4 
 Courage      : 5
Humanity  : 5
Willpower : 7
Merits and Flaws:
Eat food 
Sire's hatred


Geoffry is 6'4" and looks (relatively) short due to his being very broad. His hair is brown and short. He is constantly serious, and dresses in jeans, workboots, a vest with no shirt, and walks around huched over somewhat to de-emphasize his height. For formal events among the kindred, he wears a brown suit with a shirt and pants which makes it look a little like a uniform. In a suit his posture is straight, adding about 2 inches to his height.

Roleplaying hints:

Stare intensely at whoever you are talking to and don't say anything. Once they are done talking, wait. This should unnerve them, and they might talk more. If they don't, then casually dismiss them, or nod and agree. Never use words of more than two syllables, and don't speak more than three sentences at a time. Speak that much only if you are prompted or have something very important to say.

Brood unless someone you are following is around, then watch them carefully. Always stand behind people who are talking to your leader and look menacing.


Geoffry grew up on a small farm by the Vermont-New Hampshire border. He never really had any interest in school, and at the age of 16, he left the farm and joined the Marine Corps, planning to live for a time and see the world, then eventually, he would return to the farm and continue life there. He left with his parent's blessing, and they wished him the best of luck.

Geoffry found the discipline of the Marines refreshing, and he bought into the Marine attitude. Never being particularily bright, he fit in well, and hoped to make sergent major before mustering out. He suspected that he wouldn't, as he didn't have the leadership mentality, and a bit of a brutal nature, but he hoped that that might change after a few years. In basic he distinguished himself by his superlative skill in killing people up close and personal. He never acquired much in the way of the gunnery skills that Marines are famed for, and had he been alive 50 years later, he would have been selected for a Delta Force infiltrator's role. But times being what they were, he was assigned to a rifle company on board the U.S.S. Arizona, where he was indoctrinated more completely into the way of the Corps.

When the first world war broke out, Geoffry had reached the rank of corporal, and he was posted at Camp Lejune as an assistant instructor for unarmed combat, having reached a certain type of maturity. When the American troops went over, in 1917, he had risen to the rank of sergeant, was posted as a squad leader. He survived the Belleau woods, and was a part of the famed 5th regiment that was honored by the French for their actions. He excelled at the close, dirty parts of the war, and when he was promoted and assigned to the trenches, it was a blow for him. He felt that somehow he had failed.

Then, with the announcement of the Armistace, his life changed forever. A visiting officer was conducting a surprise inspection when the word of the end of the war came over the radio. This visiting officer was a high ranking German intelligence officer, and more importantly, a intellectual member of clan Brujah. Upon hearing of the loss, the officer frenzied and killed the entire unit. After coming out of it and seeing the bodies, he felt detached from humanity. In a fit of both fear and remorse, he tried to undo what he had done, and embraced Geoffry, since he seemed to be the most intellectual and sophisticated of the marines there. Geoffry awoke to see his Sire, and thinking he was dead, assumed he had gone to Hell, since he was still in the trenches. After his Sire explained what had happened, Geoffry bore a confused expression, one which he has carried often in the following days and years as he moved through the world of Kindred politics.

His Sire discovered that, despite Geoffries' apparent sophistication, he was very naive in the ways of the world outside of the military. In his element, he understood how things worked, and why they did, lending him an intellegence and air of knowledge, which had impressed his Sire, by repitition, rather than actual ability. In fact, Geoffry was really only good at following, and had no real conception of how to lead others. Of course, since his Sire met him in that role, he seemed quite able, which he was. His skills were just a bit narrower than appearance suggested. This disappointed his Sire, one the the Brujah intellectuals of Europe, to no end as he prided himself on his sophistication and ability.

Disgusted with Geoffry, he considered slaying him before this young Childe of his could fully understand the intricacies. Unfortunately, he failed to consider Geoffries gift. Combat. When his Sire tried to slay him, both frenzied. While Geoffry was not unskilled in the intricacies of killing people, his Sire knew the strengths of the Vampire to a much greater effect. To an observer, the fight might have looked like two cats on speed tied together into a paper bag. In the end, Geoffry left frenzy standing over the mauled body of his Sire. Not knowing how well Kindred heal, he left him and fled back to the United States. Since then he has had cause to learn about how well he can heal, having tangled with Garou in Indiana.

His Sire ended up going into torpor, and his fate is unknown at this time. The only fact is that should Geoffry ever meet him again, there will be trouble.

So, in 1920 Geoffry returned to the farm where he grew up. He never went to his parents again, but only watched them for a time, seeing what he had left. At that point though, he realized that he had left it, and there was lost one of his ties with humanity.

He moved to Boston, where he took a job on the waterfront. He was a sort of handyman. He served as a stevedore, persuader, and leg breaker, as it suited his boss. When Prohibition came around, he served in the roles that that new laws made available: Smuggler, bouncer, and bartender. The last was not his most popular role, but he did keep things quiet. And the patrons at the bar hadn't come to talk about their troubles and drown their sorrows in alcohol, so there wasn't much concern there.

Finally, he came to the attention of the local Sabbat. They were interested in recuiting him, but unfortunately, their recruiting party was not quite prepared to face what Geoffry had become. Some sixth sense alerted him and he was able to get away. Of course, he left Boston with a pack of Sabbat on his tail, and nearly died when the sun rose the morning after his attempted recruitment. He went next to the city of New York, but didn't manage to stay for a long time, as the Sabbat there had been alerted to his presence. Again, he left with the Sabbat on his tail, screaming for his blood.

He migrated north, and stayed briefly in the upstate of New York, drifting West, where he ended up in Pittsburgh, the city he passed World War Two in. He moved further West, passing through Cleveland, then Columbus, Ohio and then he settled down for a time in Bloomington, Indiana. There he met an Elder of the Gangrel, and he stayed in Bloomington as a sort of townie fixture while he learned the ways of the Kindred that his Sire had never taught him. Now, his agelessness in Bloomington has caught up to him, and he has moved up to Indianapolis, and is starting the same cycle that he keeps, working in a tough bar as a bouncer, and feeding of the drunks he has to kick out. He has a small apartment that the manager of the complex was happy to give to him, since it has no windows. There he stays, attending the Rants and working nights, not knowing where to go, or what to do, but unable to come up with a better alternative.

In Indianapolis, he was introduced the Aralus Caldwell, Elder of the Brujah clan and anarch. Geoffry naturally fell under Caldwell's influence, and the two of them led the anarch movement in Indianapolis briefly. Unfortunately, the prince called the blood hunt. Fortunately, Geoffry had gone to ground. Caldwell did not survive, but Geoffry managed to dodge death again. Blue, head of the Brujah in Indianapolis, spoke for him and he was allowed to return to the city. Bishop, prince of Indianapolis, was slain by a Garou warband, and Geoffry was able to repay Blue by nominating her for Prince. This action galvanized the kindred in the wake of Bishop's death, and Blue ascended to the Princedom of Indianapolis. She brought Geoffry with her, and he now stands at the head of a small group, dedicated to eliminating people who opposed the rule of Blue or who are a threat to the peace in the city. With this new responsibility and followers of his own, Geoffry has begun to assume the mantle of authority that his status gives him. Standing behind the prince, he has turned away from his anarch ways, and embraces the place he has found in the city of Indianapolis. Many of the Elders in Indianapolis (especially the Toreador and Tremere) still would like to see him dead, but for now, his position is solid, and he is slowly winning them over by his respect for the traditions and the prince.