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Name: Willy Priest.     Nature. Conformist/Child Generation. 13th
Demeanor. Rebel         Clan. Brujah             Sire. unknown


Strength. 5             Charisma. 1              Perception. 3
Dexterity. 4            Manipulation. 2          Intelligence. 1
Stamina. 3              Appearance. 4            Wits. 2


Athletics. 3            Firearms. 2
Brawl. 4                Melee. 1
Dodge. 3                Music. 5 <SAX.>
Empathy. 3              Stealth. 1
Intimidation. 1         Survival. 3
Streetwise. 2

                        SECONDARY ABILITIES

Artistic Exression. 3
Poetic Expression. 4

Low Self-Image


Disciplines.            Backgrounds.             Virtues

Celerity. 3             Allies. 1                Conscience. 5
Potence. 2              Resources. 1             Self-Control. 3
Fortitude. 1                                     Courage. 2
Dominate. 1

Humanity. 7             Willpower. 2

        Willy's parents hid him from the world not wanting to admit that
"They" could have a retarded child. He remained uneducated and treated like
he was not even as important as the family plants. His mistreatment and
the utter disreguard that his parents showed him all lead to a low self-image
And a feeling that he was stupid and that nothing he could do would make it
better. Unknown to the Priest family they had a boarder in the basement
A young Brujah had moved in and made himself at home. He was running from
a blood hunt called because of something he really didn't do. One day Willy's
Father became voilent and to excape the abuse Willy ran into the basement
in his haste and blind fear he triped over this young Brujah sleeping in one
of the hidden corners of the house. Willy sat and stared at this man until nightfall
when the man stired. Hungery from having fought off several Lupines the night
before the Brujah didn't even stop to think before he fed on Willy. Something
About willy sparked something in the Brujah and without a second thought he
Embraced Willy. Then snuck him out of the house and off to his friend Karl
The Brujah couldn't keep Willy and train him but couldn't leave him to die
in the sun. Karl took Willy in and treated him like he was his own childer
Unused to the kind treatment Willy soon formed a deep affection to Karl
and would not be able to live without him.
        Roleplaying tips. Be childish when you think your alone or with
just Karl You love to play your saxaphone and work with paints and sculpt in
Wood or stone your work is the envy of some Toreador and their praise fills
you with pride. The gang sometimes askes you to play for them and at those
times you feel like your truely alive. You love Karl and would fly into
an unstoppable frenzy if he were to be hurt badly in your presence.