From:	IN%""  "Wakko Warner"  5-JUL-1994 13:36:54.97
To:	IN%""
Subj:	Wednesday Asphodel Addams

Name: Wednesday		Nature: Manipulator	Generation: 9th
Player:			Demeanor: Child		Haven: rundown mansion
Chronicle: GreatMinds	Clan: Tremere antitribu	Concept: Child prodigy
Physical		Social			Mental
--------		------			------
Strength 1		Charisma 2		Perception 3 (Astute)
Dexterity 3 (Deft)	Manipulation 4 (Silver-Tongued)	Wits 3 (Level-Headed)
Stamina 2		Appearance 2		Intelligence 5 (Brilliant)
Talents			Skills			Knowledges
-------			------			----------
Acting 2		Animal Ken 1		Bureaucracy 
Alertness 		Drive			Computer
Athletics		Etiquette 1		Finance
Brawl			Firearms		Investigation
Dodge 2			Melee 3 (no specialty)	Law
Empathy			Music			Linguistics
Intimidation 3 (Subtle)	Repair			Medicine 1
Leadership 2		Security		Occult 4 (no specialty)
Streetwise		Stealth 1		Politics
Subterfuge 2		Survival		Science 2
	---Secondary Abilities---
			Fast-Talk 3 (Convince)	Alchemy 2
			Torture 3 (Amuse)	Faerie Lore 1
						Sabbat Lore 2
						Lupine Lore 2
						Wyrm Lore 2
						Kindred Lore 3
						Mage Lore 1
						Clan Knowledge 2 (Tremere)
Disciplines			Backgrounds		Virtues
-----------			-----------		-------
Thaumaturgy 4			Generation 4		Callousness 4
-Path of Conjuring 3					Instincts 3
-Movement of the Mind 2					Morale 3

Merits/Flaws			Tenners
------------			-------
Child (3-F)			Path of Death and the Soul 8
Pack Rivalry (1-F)		Willpower 9
Occult Library (2-M)		Blood Pool 14
Driving Goal (3-F)
Iron Will (3-M)

Jessica Frost was recognised to have a certain knack for magic at a young
age.  A Tremere antitribu took her away from her family and Embraced her
at the age of nine.  She took quickly to the Art, and eagerly learned all
she could about all its permutations.  However, she also found in herself
a certain flair for manipulations and pain of all sorts, and has honed those
skills to a fine edge.  Her driving goal is an impossible one: to learn all
there is to know about everything having to do with the Art.  She recognises
its implausibility, but is still more than willing to try.

	----Roleplaying Hints---- 
Wednesday almost never smiles.  She should seem innocent, being a child, 
and yet somehow unsettling.  She can convince almost anyone of anything, 
and prefers to manipulate other people into performing her dirty work for 
her. Her dominant trait is that of needing to be in control.  If there is
the opportunity to learn any sort of information, she will risk almost 
anything to acquire it...short of her own Unlife.
See Puggsley's entry for information about her Pack Rivalry and the Game.