David Alan Perrey
1-MAY-1994 08:04:44.93

Anyway, here is the first of a number of characters I will be posting, all player characters in my game. Others will follow when the relevant player does his write-up on a computer ;)

Prelim note: Some of the players (there's two distinct groups) have been through my version of the adventure "Psychomachia" in Milwaukee By Night, so beware there are some SPOILERS of that. All the players have been affected by the events therein, those who know the adventure will know what I mean by that. Anyway enough rambling, back to Tom:

Most of the followiing text is Simon's (Tom's player), stuff in a [] is little bits from me.....

Where do I start? hmm.

OK. Born by Abies' loch just outside of Glasgow, in a trailer.Family travelled north in the summer for berry picking in Fife and south to Glasgow and Edinburgh in the winter to work around carnivals and do mechanic type work. Did general oddjobs as well as they came up. By the age of 10 he had discovered a mechanical aptitude, and as he was rather small in comparason to the rest of his group he kept to doing that mostly. A the age of fourteen he fell in love with a townie in Fife and had a summer romance, but as he was already pretty reclusive this meant a lot and when he arrived back next summer and found that she had just been playing around he retreated inside his shell, never able to talk straight without a stammer to a woman again. Had to learn to fight 'cause got picked on by townies out of their fear for him, but learned to make aquaintances with various gangs because they were often more tolerant. Discovered stuff about the 'occult' cause his mother was wiccan, developed a cyclic view of life with obtaining a balance between spirit, material / human and natural as being an overall aim and goal of life

At the age of 16 he left his family group with some tools and a motorbike to discover the rest of the country. Arived in bedford [Bedford is the town where the game takes place, in the south of England] about a year later and linked up with Another traveling group and worked mostly in recycling wrecked cars from around the scrappy's. At the time of his death he was 5'6'' and nineteen years of age. He has a stocky but not bulky build so is more dexterous than strong. Clothing wise he tends to wear clothes that are patchwork, mending old clothes from other old clothes untill new ones have to be bought (rarely). Almost always has a tool belt round his waste which is well stocked with the most frequently used tools of car repair and maintenance, (recently he has the habit of breking into cars and repairing them without the owner noticing). His hair is shoulder length and kindof ragged.

Embraced was he by a gypsie ,free. Sire left after embracing him before Tom knew what was going on. [Recently he met his sire, who is an Archon, a rather obnoxious upper class "sporting gentleman"]

Was told by his groups holy man that he was an abomination, and as he had been wakig up at night with blood on his face he agreed (being a vegitarian this blood thing was alarming). Tom then set out on a quest to find out who had done this to him. All he knew was that he'd met this guy at a pub and been pretty gone...

Was found by a sabbat gangrel in a pub near bedford and this mentor told him a bit about the blood and stuff then sent him to be a spy on the camarilla, but before he had been initiated into the sabat. He was told that the camarilla were bloodthirsty murderers etc.. For a while then he hung out in bedford still not used to his nature and thinking himself evil, starving almost to the point of frenzy then feeding off people in the gangs who were about to engage in violence. Got summoned by the prince and joined into mask, which he was fairly happy about seing as how he was meant to be spying (ironic, a potential sabat recruit protecting the camarilla!) A turbulant time followed where he found out that the camarilla were indeed bloodthirsty and told lies about the sabbat.During a rather strange time of drug enduced torture at the hands of the prince he developed cat like eyes, a furry body and pointy ears but it's not tooo noticable.....

One of the other members of mask died whilst killing the price, Tom had become fairly friendly with this unique kindred and after that and the various frenzies he began to get the idea of being a vampire sussed (well at least he thought so?) He became a visionary rather than penitant and saw his unlife as suspension from the cycle in order to maintain the balance. He retained a disrespect for kindred unlife, as for them to lose that was merely to return to the cycle again, and if they did not maintain the balance they were abusing the gift from the goddess and should have it revoked. Mortals though were to be protected wealth redistributed etc. Recently he has found out that the sabbat have been embracing mortals to defend themselves from the camarilla so he now dislikes both the camarilla and the sabbat he has good contact with the gangs and started a soup kitchen so that the feeding thing can be 'cyclic'.

oh yeh, his van is something else.... bike in the back, ejector seat, nitrous oxide, overdrive, periscope, sunroof(machine gun placement), ram plate, armour (impact and incendry), honeycomb petrol tank, coffin (lockable), store chest, engine disabler (secret), exploding stake filled dashboard (secret, passenger seat), revolving number plate. (all regularly maintained, one carefull owner, 1192 on the clock....)

This do?

Tom Asid, not simon, not Tom, Simon

PS. Gehenna awaits.... once Ive reched balance the perhaps the cycle again, or perhaps not.....

And his vital statistics are as follows:

Name: Tom Asid
Clan: Gangrel		Generation: 12th (11/1)
Nature: Loner		Demeanour:  Visionary
Willpower: 4		Humanity: 9
PHYSICAL Strength: 3	Dexterity: 4 	Stamina: 4
SOCIAL	Charisma: 2	Manipulation: 1	Appearance: 3
MENTAL Perception: 3	Intelligence: 2	Wits: 3
VIRTUES Conscience: 4 	Self-Control: 4	Courage: 2
TALENTS Alertness 2	Brawl 3	   	Dodge 2
	Streetwise 4 (Gangs)	
(Secondary)	Swimming 2	Throwing 2 	Haggling 4
SKILLS	Drive 3		Repair 3	Security 2
	Survival 3
(Secondary)	Police Procedure 2	Animal Training 2
KNOWLEDGES	Investigation 3		Occult 1
(Secondary)	Area Knowledge 3	Sabbat Lore 1
DISCIPLINES 	Animalism 1	Celerity 2 	Protean 3
[He's been taught by a Sabbat City Gangrel, mostly]
Contacts 2 (among tinkers and gypsies, in particular those
of his old life)
Generation 1
Mentor 2 (Sabbat Gangrel)

Mechanical Aptitude		Dark Secret (Sabbat mentor)
				Low Self Image
				Speech Impediment