Chris Haffly
25-MAR-1994 13:00:48.90

Name:Richard Eldenton
Concept:Artist   Born:1949   Embraced:1973
Sire:Ernest Ilmahrstein  Clan:Toreador   Generation:11th
Sex:Male   Height:6'  Weight:154lbs.
Nature:Loner  Demeanor:Bon Viviant/Galant  Hair:Blong  Eyes:Green
Haven:A loft apartment in the "artsy" part of town

Physical: Str:2, Dex:4(smooth-motioned), Sta:2
Social: Cha:4(captivating), Man:2, App:5(sexy)
Mental: Per:2, Int:2, Wits:3

Talents: Acting:2, Alertness:1, Empathy:5(emotions), Streetwise:2
Sec. Tal: Artistic Expression:4(mixed media), Carousing:3, Masquerade:2,
  Poetic Expression:3, Seduction:2
Skills: Animal Ken:3, Drive:2, Etiquette:3, Music:3(synth, guitar, sax)
Sec. Skills: Dancing:2, Singing:3
Knowledges: Computer:3, Linguistics:4(german, russian, japanese, hebrew),
Sec. Know: Camarilla Lore:2, City Secrets:2, Kindred Lore:3, Lupine Lore:2,
  Mage Lore:1
Merits: Eidetic Memory
Flaws: Soft-Hearted
Disciplines: Auspex:2, Celerity:1, Presence:3, Animalism:1
Backgrounds: Contacts:1, Gen:2, Herd:2, Resources:2, Status:1, Prestige:2
Virtues: Conscience:4, Self-Control:4, Courage:3
Humanity: 8    Willpower:6   Blood Pool:12  Max/Turn:1
Roleplaying Hints:
   Richard is a multi-media artist.  He spends a good part of his nights
alone, working on his art.  He's known among the Toreador and even the
Kindred at large as a excellent showman, though some of his work has raised
eyebrows amongst the Elder Kindred.  He's (in)famous for his work "Father",
which was about Caine.
   A short note may be needed about Richard's work.  It normally consists of
a computer-driven laser show, using multi-colored beams, to achieve almost
(un)life-like images, that are all hand-painted and then scanned into his
computer.  Also, there is commonly a five-by-five wall of monitors that
display computer-controlled image sequences.  Again, all programmed by
Richard.  Almost as a backdrop to all of this is the music.  All of it is
written, programed or performed, mixed, and mastered by Richard.
   Richard also paints, and what he paints is haunting.