From:	IN%""  "Wakko Warner"  5-JUL-1994 13:25:31.21
To:	IN%""
Subj:	Puggsley Damien Addams

Name: Puggsley Addams	Nature: Bravo		Generation: 10th
Player:			Demeanor: Child		Haven: rundown mansion
Chronicle: GreatMinds	Clan: Tzimisce		Concept: Child delinquent

Physical		Social			Mental
--------		------			------
Strength 3		Charisma 3 (Likeable)	Perception 3 (Attentive)
Dexterity 3 (Nimble)	Manipulation 2		Intelligence 2
Stamina 4 (Durable)	Appearance 2		Wits 3 (Quick-Witted)
Talents			Skills			Knowledges
-------			------			----------
Acting			Animal Ken		Bureaucracy
Alertness 3 		Drive			Computer 1
Athletics 1		Etiquette 1		Finance
Brawl 2			Firearms 2		Investigation
Dodge 2			Melee 2			Law
Empathy			Music			Linguistics
Intimidation		Repair			Medicine
Leadership 2		Security 2		Occult 1
Streetwise 		Stealth			Politics
Subterfuge		Survival		Science 1
	---Secondary Abilities---
			Demolitions 3 (Plastique) Chemistry 2
			Body Manipulation 3	Alchemy 2
Disciplines		Backgrounds		Virtues
-----------		-----------		-------
Vicissitude 3		Generation 3		Callousness 4
Potence 1					Instincts 4
						Morale 3

Merits/Flaws			Tenners
------------			-------
Child (3-F)			Path of Death and the Soul 7
Silence (1-M)			Willpower 7
Infertile Vitae (3-F)		Blood Pool 13
Luck (3-M)
Pack Rivalry (1-F)

Michael Shepherd misbehaved as a child, to the point where his parents 
finally became so exasperated that they sent him away to boarding school.
He caught the attention of a Tzimisce in the area of the school when he 
nearly burned down the school library, and was locked in childhood (at the
age of ten) in order that his peculiar knack might be cultivated and used
to spread the Sabbat's brand of chaos.

	----Roleplaying Hints----
Puggsley is outgoing and cheerful, even when he is stuffing someone's mouth
full of C-4.  He likes model trains and trees and playing his game with his
packmate, Wednesday.  Specifically, they try to kill each other.  Constantly.
They never go about it in such a way that the other one will suffer the Final
Death, but they do shoot each other, knife each other, torture each other,
and so on.  There is a complex set of rules to it, which means that they 
take turns and have certain limits on what weapons can be used.  They on
occasion will include other people in this game; unfortunately, not all of
the people they play with can heal the damage thus done before their turn 
is up...