Hans N Sagan
21-APR-1994 20:33:52.96

Noctem the Nosferatu
Nature: Autocrat
Demeanor: Fanatic
Concept: Vengeful Nosferatu Ascendancist
Sire: (Parovich from MbN)
Generation: 8th
Haven: Downtown central sewer complex

Physical:		Social:			Mental:
Strength: 2		Charisma: 5		Perception: 4
Dexterity: 4		Manipulation: 4		Intelligence: 3
Stamina: 5		Appearance: 0		Wits: 4

Talents:		Skills: 		Knowledges:
Alertness: 4		Animal Ken: 3		Investigation: 1
Athletics: 4		Firearms: 2		Occult: 3
Brawl: 4		Melee: 4
Dodge: 5		Security: 3
Leadership: 3		Stealth: 5
Streetwise: 1		Survival: 2

Disciplines: 		Backgrounds: 		Virtues:
Animalism: 4		Retainers: 3		Conscience: 1
Auspex: 2					Self-Control: 3
Celerity: 2					Courage: 4
Dominate: 2
Fortitude: 3
Obfuscate: 5
Potence: 5
Presence: 3
Protean: 2
Quietus: 3

Humanity: 4
Willpower: 9
Blood Pool: 15/3

Notes: This guy is nasty. His whole human life he was kicked around,
beaten on, pushed around, etc. He was the youngest child of a family of
six children. He grew up in, not a slum or gheto per se, but in a poor
white-trash neighborhood in a medium sized depressed Detroit
or Cinicinatti or Petaluma or Texarkana. He drifted after his dropping out
from high school, and eventually found himself working for low pay in a
large factory in a big city.....just another number and just another
paycheck. Sheesh.

So in his misery and in his squalorous one-room apartment a Nosfertu
crept. He was startled, no, terrified, to say the least. But when the
Nosferatu spoke to him of his own troubles, of how life as a human sucked,
and how as a vampire he would finally be empowered, he accepted the Embrace.

The Embrace changed Noctem streched him taller and
enlongated his face, and lengthened his limbs. It melted his pot
belly and tightened his sagging musculature. He became wiry and strong,
and a new fresh energy and enthusiasm for his unlife.

This enthusiasm was soon crushed, however. Upon attending some Toreador
parties and Camarilla conclaves, he was "befriended" by a Toreador
sybarite. When he accidentally overheard how his Toreador friend was
planning how to use his "Nosferatu scum" as a study in pathetics. Then the
Toreador and his cronies laughed long and hard. The new Nosferatu frenzied
at the exposure of this oppressive lie, and slew his friend and his
companions. He escaped, and used his Obfuscate to spy upon all the
Camarilla clan elders, and kept seeing how the whole Clan Nosferatu was
used only as a tool and a pawn by the other clans.

Capitalizing upon his long-held suppressed rage and newfound power, he
renamed himself Noctem to reflect his self-appointed status as the
Nosfertua Avenger in the Night and started preaching to his fellow Kindred
about how bad the Nosferatu had been screwed over the centuries, and how
it was thier duty to make the other clans pay.

He sired three flunkies (his retainers), and commits terroristic actions
against Camarilla meetings. He has found a fugitive Assamite Antitribu in
the sewers beneath his city (Chicago), a refugee from a failed Sabbat
assault on the city. This Sabbat has been "advising" Noctem in the ways of
urban guerilla warfare, and feeding him blood. As of now, the Nosferatu
and his brood and the Assamite have a minor Vaulderie.

This guy should be scary. Picture torchlit speeches to packs of Nosferatu,
ranting and raving about "True Status of our Clan" and "making the
oppressors pay for their transgressions". Picture Toreador Ancillae
disappearing from their homes the night before large parties, then showing
up tied upside down drained of all blood in their main ballroom the next
night when the doors are opened. Picture exploding havens of Tremere who
make offhanded insults towards "That clan of Beasts". This guy and his
followers should be the source of a reign of terror in your city, or at
least a sense of fear of the unseen clan. What was that in the shadows in
that alley? Watch what you say...Noctem listens.