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To:	IN%""
Subj:	Morticia

Name: Morticia Addams	Nature: Deviant		Generation: 10th
Player:			Demeanor: Bon Vivant	Haven:
Chronicle: GreatMinds	Clan: Toreador antitribu  Concept: Dilettante
Physical		Social			Mental
--------		------			------
Strength 2		Charisma 3 (Sophisticated) Perception 3 (Visionary)
Dexterity 3 (Catlike)	Manipulation 2		Intelligence 3 (Discerning)
Stamina 2		Appearance 5 (Mysterious) Wits 2
Talents			Skills			Knowledges
-------			------			----------
Acting 1		Animal Ken		Bureaucracy
Alertness 3 (Aware)	Drive 2			Computer
Athletics 1		Etiquette 3 (High Society)  Finance
Brawl			Firearms 3 (Concealable)  Investigation
Dodge 1			Melee 1			Law
Empathy			Music			Linguistics 1 (French)
Intimidation		Repair			Medicine
Leadership 1		Security 1		Occult 2
Streetwise		Stealth 2		Politics 
Subterfuge		Survival		Science 1
	---Secondary Abilities---
Intrigue 2		Dancing 2 (Waltz)	Chemistry 2
Seduction 4		Torture 3 (Artistic)
			Body Manipulation 2

Disciplines		Backgrounds		Virtues
-----------		-----------		-------
Presence 3		Generation 3		Callousness 5
Celerity 1		Resources 3		Instincts 3
Vissicitude 2					Morale 2

Merits/Flaws			Tenners
------------			-------
Taint of Corruption (1-F)	Path of Cathari 7
Amnesia (2-F)			Willpower 5
Vampiric Spouse (5-M)		Blood Pool 13
Enchanting Voice (2-M)

Melissa Anderson was a dilettante-wannabe, a spoiled rich kid who fancied
herself an artist.  When the Sabbat put her down and brought her back up,
she discovered that she did have a certain talent for sculpting flesh,
and set about perfecting her craft.  She remembers hazy bits of her former
life, but only enough to convince her that she belongs right where she is.

	---Roleplaying Hints---
Morticia is sexy and enchanting and seductive and utterly amoral.  Even more
so than Wednesday or Puggsley.  She thinks nothing of seducing a mortal,
killing them, draining them, and leaving the body to rot in its own bed,
blood painting the walls and ceiling.  She has even practiced her art on
a member of her own family (she doesn't know this, and likely would not care
at this point if she did know).  She is disquieting and cold, but somehow
still strangely attractive to nearly anyone...