Steve Mancini

Name: "Bad Mojo"            Nature: Survivor	        Generation: 10th
Player: SM	            Demeanor: Deviant 	        Haven:
Campaign: Boston            Clan: Tremere 	  	Concept: Criminal

- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Attributes -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

     PHYSICAL (3)                 SOCIAL (5)                    MENTAL (7)
Str_________________| 1     Cha_(Captivating)___| 3     Percep_(Astute)_____|_3
Dex_________________| 2     Man_(Persuasion)____| 4     Int_(Pragmatic)_____|_3
Sta_________________| 3     App_________________| 1     Wits_(Level Headed)_|_4

- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Abilities -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

 Acting (1)		 Drive (1)		 Law (1)
 Alertness (3)		 Firearms (3)		 Occult (3)
  - Ambush 		  - Shotguns		  - Mystic Powers
 Dodge (3)		 Melee (2)		 Kindred Lore (1)
  - Cover		 Stealth (3)		 Pharmacy (1)
 Streetwise (3)		  - Hiding
  - Drugs		 Survival (1)
 Intimidation (2)
 Leadership (1)

- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Advantages -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

 Auspex (1)		 Generation (3) 		 Conscience (2)
 Celerity (1)		 Resources (4)			 Self-Control (3)
 Dominate (1)		 Retainers (4)  		 Courage (5)
 Obfuscate (1)    	 Status (1)
 Thaumaturgy (3)

 BLOOD POOL (13)   	         WILLPOWER (5)           HUMANITY (5)
Flaws:			Merits			HEALTH
 Deep Sleeper		 Unbondable		 Bruised   |_|
 Color Blind		 Underworld Ties	 Hurt      |_|  -1
 Mortal Notoriety				 Injured   |_|  -1
 Taint of Corruption				 Wounded   |_|  -2
 Intolerance (Police)				 Mauled    |_|  -2
						 Crippled  |_|  -5
						 Incapac   |_|
 Devil's Touch
 Purity of Flesh
 Vessel of Transferrance
 Wake with Morning's Freshness
 Donning the Mask of Shadows

Thaumaturgy Paths:
 -Spirit Thaumaturgy
	Evil Eye:  Manip + Intimid = Humanity
	Spirit Eyes:  Percept + Occult = Willpower
 -Path of Conjuring
	Summoning the Simple Form: Int + Skill = 6, Cost 1 Willpower
	Permanncy: Int + Skill = 6, Cost = 5 Blood

	"Bad Mojo" is a tall, rail thin black man with long dredlocks
 and a wicked smile. His face has several scars from knife fights while
 he was mortal. He often dresses a wardrobe that portrays him as a
 practitioner of the Voodoo religion. He carries two gris-gris, one of
 which is a herbal pouch/medicine bag that is actually a sealed containr
 that he has enchanted with the Vessel of Essence Transferrance ritual.
 The other gris-gris is an extremely sharp, preserved chicken's foot
 which hangs about his neck.


	"Bad Mojo", a street name so as to conceal his true identity, 
 was brought to the states from Jamacia to become a foot soldier in
 their drug operation. As he ascended within the organization, he
 spent a great deal of time practicing Voodoo; because he enjoy the
 sick, twisted rituals, and more importantly he revelled in the  fear
 and reputation it brought to him. 
	Mojo was embraced by a Tremere who saw in him several real
 advantages for Clan Tremere. (1) His practicing of the Voodoo religion
 made him a natural for the Occult foundations of Clan Tremere, (2)
 hi ruthless and violent nature would make him a good foot soldier for
 the clan, (3) his occupation, as a druglord, afforded him the ability
 to provide Clan Tremere with the "undesirables" of the city for them
 to feed upon freely without any cause for alarm.
	Since his embrace, Mojo has unifed several gangs into a single
 front and has blood bonded the gang leaders (the retainers). He has
 re-establish order to a slum district of Boston and has removed Sabbat
 influence from that region (well, he is still working on it).
	The Spirit Thaumaturgy path came to him naturally and he revelled
 in learning it. The Path of Conjuring was learned as a last ditch
 failsafe for himself (Garou appear, I need a silver Spear, NOW). He is 
 currently working toward the 3rd level. (Chickens = Cocaine, Goats =
 Automatic Weapons).
	Mojo is currently working with: Alex- 10th gen tremere who is
 more civilized and has focused primarily on Auspex, Tanner- a Brujah
 who deals primarily with repelling the Sabbat, Vinny- Giovanni who
 was enlisted to help with removing Mafia influences from Mojo's
 district, Kyia- Female Malkavian who just showed up and refuses to
 stay locked in the car trunk, and Jim, a gangrel who grew up in the
 neighborhood Mojo has taken as his district. Together, Mojo, Jim,
 and Alex are running Mojo's drug operations under the cover of the
 Brothers Grimm..