From:	IN%""  "Wakko Warner"  5-JUL-1994 14:06:38.30
To:	IN%""
Subj:	Lurch

Name: Lurch		Nature: Caregiver	Generation: 10th
Player:			Demeanor: Curmudgeon	Haven: rundown mansion
Chronicle: GreatMinds	Clan: Nosferatu antitribu	Concept: Butler

Physical		Social			Mental
--------		------			------
Strength 4 (Massive)	Charisma 2		Perception 2
Dexterity 3 (Athletic)	Manipulation 1		Intelligence 3 (Pragmatic)
Stamina 3 (Determined)	Appearance 0		Wits 3 (Practical)
Talents			Skills			Knowledges
-------			------			----------
Acting 2		Animal Ken		Bureaucracy
Alertness 2		Drive 1			Computer 2
Athletics 2		Etiquette 2		Finance
Brawl 3 (Intent to Harm) Firearms 2		Investigation 1
Dodge 2			Melee			Law
Empathy 		Music 1 (Organ) 	Linguistics
Intimidation 2		Repair			Medicine
Leadership 1		Security 1		Occult 2
Streetwise 1		Stealth 2		Politics
Subterfuge		Survival		Science 1
	---Secondary Abilities---
						Camarilla Lore 2
						City Secrets 2
						Sewer Lore 2
Disciplines		Backgrounds		Virtues
-----------		-----------		-------
Fortitude 1		Generation 3		Callousness 3
Obfuscate 3		Resources 3		Instincts 3
						Morale 4

Merits/Flaws			Tenners
------------			-------
Huge Size (4-M)			Path of Caine 6
Mansion (2-M)			Willpower 7
Deep Sleeper (1-F)		Blood Pool 13
Mute (4-F)
Taint of Corruption (1-F)

Lewis Pendergast used to be a loud, self-oblivious man who never noticed
how obnoxious he was.  He was even loud when talking to his plants, which 
were the only things in his life that he hadn't accidentally intimidated
into avoiding him.  He finally annoyed a Nosferatu antitribu so much one
night that he taught Lewis a lesson, tearing his throat out irreparably in
the process, then Embracing him.  Lewis grew to accept being quiet and
unnoticed, and eventually was assigned to a new pack in the area he came
from, composed of two child-vampires.  He fell into his new role as silent
guardian quickly, and remains in it today.
	----Roleplaying Hints----
Lurch is huge.  He knows how to use it if need be, but prefers to be quiet
and unobtrusive, using his Obfuscate to good effect.  He never speaks, and
acknowledges people with nothing more than a gesture or a low grunt.  The
only thing he dislikes about his Unlife is the fact that his plants now
die when he gets too near them.