Chris Haffly
8-MAY-1994 18:59:30.50

Name: Weilholt Lubisen, "Captain Lubi"
Nature: Gallant  Demeanor: Avant-garde
Clan: Brujah  Generation:7th  Haven: Decent appartment  Concept: ex-pirate
Physical:  Strength: 4,wiry Dexterity: 5,cat-like Stamina: 4,tenatious
Social:  Charisma: 3  Manipulation: 3  Appearance: 4,alluring
Mental:  Perception: 3 Intellegence: 2 Wits: 3
Talents:  Acting:2, Alertness:4 noises, Athletics:2, Brawl:6
intent to harm, Dodge:5 side step, Intimidation:3, Leadership:5
fierce, Streetwise:3, Subterfuge:3
Sec. Talents: Carousing:4, Diplomacy:3, Haggling:3, Masquerade:4, Sense
Skills: Etiquette:3, Firearms:3, Melee:4 cutlass, Music:2, Security:1,
Sec. Skills: Acrobatics:4 martial arts, Boat Handling:4 sail, Carpentry:2,
Fast Talk:4 sell
Knowledges: Law:2, Linguistics:5, Medicine:1, Occult:3
Backgrounds: Allies:2, Contacts:3, Fame:1, Herd:3, Influence:1, Mentor:2,
Resources:5, Retainers:4, Status:3, Prestige:3
Discliplines: Celerity:4, Potence:3, Presence:6 love, Auspex:2, Dominate:1,
Fortitude:1, Protean:2, Quietus:1
Willpower:10  Humanity:5  Concience:3 Self-Control:3 Courage:3

The concept of this character came from a song that I learned from the
people at the OSU RenFest, "Captain Lubi."  It goes like this,

Captain Lubi said to me don't be a pirate.
For it will only serve to make your mama cry.
But if you should go to sea then be a pirate
And be sure to raise your jolly roger high!

Sorry, I can't remember the verses, but you get the general idea.  The song
is really about the older generation of RenFesters leaving and continuing on
talking to the newer gen.  Basically saying, "Most people look down upon
people that do stuff like this, so if you're going to do it then be damn
proud of it!"

Captain Lubi was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1645 and became a pirate in
1660.  Actually, he was a privateer for the Swedish King and did his job
well.  He was supposedly killed during a battle with an English Man-o-War on
the coast of Africa, but his second mate, a Brujah, Embraced him rather than
see him die.  Captain Lubi continued on as pirate for as long as it pirating
was around.  When it became ever harder to be a good pirate, Captain Lubi
switched to becoming a smuggler, which he also did very well.  He is now a
smuggler of marijuana, hash-hish, opium, gold, and other expensive items.

Why does Captain Lubi do this?  Because he feels that it is the best way to
weaken the power of governments.  He thinks that circumventing thier laws,
he can bring them down, or at least expose thier corruption to the point of
causing the people to revolt, then he'll lead the revolt.

He speaks Swedish, English, Japanese, Arabic, and Hindi, though he can
probably haggle with anybody in just about any language.

His allies are a member of the Arcanum and a Interpol officer.  His contacts
are a FBI agent (narcotics division), a smuggler from India, and a Japanese
yakuza boss.  His retainers are all ghouls.  Two are human, one is a wolf,
and the other is a python.  The two humans act as his first and second
"mates", as he calls them.