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Name: Karl Gutteman.    Clan: Razor Children    Generation: 9th
Nature: Fanatic.        Demeanor: Bravo         Sire Guntar Jarlson


Strength. 3             Charisma. 3             Perception. 3
Dexterity. 5            Manipulation. 4         Intelligence. 3
Stamina.  3             Appearance. 3           Wits. 3


Alertness. 3            Firearms. 4             Investigation. 3
Athletics. 2            Melee. 4                Linguistics. 1
Brawl. 4                Stealth. 2              Occult. 3
Dodge. 3                Survival. 2             Science. 3
Empathy. 2
Intimidation. 3
Leadership. 3
Streetwise. 2

                     SECONDARY ABILITYS

Instruction. 2          Archery. 3              Accounting. 2
Interrogation. 4        Blind Fighting. 2       Area Knowledge. 5
Masquerade. 2           Camouflage. 1           Biology. 2
Scan. 2                 Debate. 1               Chemistry. 2
Search. 3               Demolitions. 3          Forensics. 3
Sence Deception. 3      Escapeology. 4          Kindred Lore. 3
                        Fast Draw. 3            Military Science. 2
                        Gunsmithing. 3          Toxicology. 3
                        Torture. 3



Obentration. 3          Allies. 5               Conscience. 2
Potence. 5              Contacts. 2             Self Control. 6
*Jumble*. 3             Infamy. 2               Courage. 5
Celerity. 3             Mentor. 2
Fortitude. 2            Retainers. 5
Presence. 1

Humanity. 4     Willpower. 7
        Karl was embrased almost 200 years ago he was chosen for his unfailing
Loyalty and his love of the law. A policeman in his breathing days Karl has
Kept up with his old profession and has loved his new job as a "cleaner"
He helps clean up after major breaks in the Masquerade, and restores the
peace afterward. Karl is poseing as an Anarch Gang leader so as to flush
out the other Anarchs and Masquerade breakers when he has enough of them
His "Gang" will move to destroy them one and all, then they will move on.
Karl is completely loyal to his second leutenant Willy. And would hunt any-
one who  hurt him to the ends of time.

        Roleplaying tips. You are the son of a policeman and your children
all became policemen. You hold the law to be the only thing that keeps
your world together. And you would face the final death to uphold the laws
that you now live by. Willy is a joy to your life to him and only him you
are kind and gentle others are expected to follow your orders to the letter
and you never premit backtalk among your solders. If someone were to hurt
Willy you would stop at nothing to find something some law that the person
or persons that hurt him had broke and then punish them to the fullest
extent of that law.
Level 1. Flicker. Causes the targets sences to "Flicker" like a scrambled
TV signal. Lasts for 1 to 2 turns. System. 1 bp roll Int+subterfuge
vs. the targets Wits+Alertness
Level 2. The Spins. Ruins the balance and co-ordination of the target
System Willpower Vs. Willpower. Lasts for one scene
Level 3. Snow. Overloads any one sensory stimuli with like stimuli
System/. One Bp and lasts as long as the masked stimulus is persent.