Chris Haffly
25-APR-1994 15:58:38.84

This is a Malkavian whose personality has been worked out through posts on
vampire-l.  I thought that y'all would enjoy seeing him.  Have fun.

Name:Jean-Richard d'Orlean, Johann von Berlin, Chris, Bob
Born:1648  Embraced:1680  Apparent Age:32
Nature:Visionary  Demeanor:Visonary  Generation:6  Haven:Many
Clan:Malkavian  Concept:Enigma/Prophet

Physical: Str:3, Dex:3, Sta:4 (Dedicated)
Social: Cha:3, Man:2, App:4 (Handsome)
Mental: Per:5 (Intuitive), Int:4 (Chreative), Wits:3

Talents: Acting:2, Alertness:4 (Paranoid), Brawl:2, Dodge:4 (Awareness),
  Empathy:2, Intimidation:1, Streetwise:2, Subterfuge:3
Skills: Drive:1, Etiquette:4 (Manners), Firearms:1, Melee:2, Music:1,
  Stealth:2, Survival:2
Knowledges: Bureaucracy:2, Computer:1, Investigation:2, Law:2, Linguistics:5
  (Curse Words), Occult:5 (Mystical Powers), Politics:1, Science:3
Sec. Talents: Carousing:3, Instruction:4 (University), Intrigue:3,
  Masquerade:5 (Simulate Heartbeat), Public Speaking:3, Scan:1, Sense
  Deception:4 (Conversation), Swimming:1
Sec. Skills: Brewing:1, Bribery:2, Cooking:1, Debate:5 (Informal), Game
  Playing:4 (Chess), Herbalism:1, Meditation:2, Research:3, Speed Reading:3
Sec. Knowledges: Alchemy:2, Astrology:2, Astronomy:1, Camarilla Lore:3, Clan
  Knowledge:4 (History), Faerie Lore:2, Kindred Lore:4 (Jyhad), Literature:2,
  Lupine Lore:2, Mage Lore:2, Mathematics:4 (Pure Math), Physics:5 (Theory),
  Sabbat Lore:2, Spirit Lore:2, Theology:4 (Vampiric), Wyrm Lore:2
Disciplines: Animalism:1, Auspex:6 (Telepathic Communication, Prediction),
  Celerity:2, Chimerstry:1, Dominate:3, Fortitude:2, Obfuscate:6 (Mind Blank)
  7 (Cloak), Potence:1, Presence:2, Protean:3, Thaumaturgy:3
Thaumaturgy Paths: The Lure of Flames:2, Neptunes Might:1
Thaumaturgy Rituals: Defense of the Sacred Haven, Deflection of Wooden Doom,
  Purity of Flesh, Rebirth of Mortal Vanity, Ward vs. Ghouls, Ward vs. Lupines
Backgrounds: Contacts:2, Herd:1, Mentor:5, Resources:3,
  Retainers:2, Status:2, Prestige:4
Virtues: Conscience:4, Self-Control:4, Courage:5
Humanity:7  Willpower:8
Blood Pool/Turn: 30/6
Merits: Higher Purpose (to free the Kindred from the lust for power), Dark
  Secret (Diablerie), Eidetic Memory, Clan Friendship (Toreador), Clan Enmity
Derangements: Manic-depresive, Crimson Rage, Cynicism, Vengeance, Obsession
  (the game), Fear of Death, Paranoia, Intellectualization
Description: He's been around for a while and has seen many things.  He
hides one deep secret, he Diablerized his way from 8th generation to 6th.
No one, as far as he knows, knows of this.  At the time of his Embrace, he
was a professor of Philosophy at Oxford, who was studying the occult.
Before he was actually Embraced, his Sire showed him things that drove his
alreay fragile sanity over the edge.  He knows French, German, Latin, Greek,
and Hebrew.  His first act of Diablerie was sanctioned due to the fact that
it was performed during a Blood Hunt.  He will reveal information to those
he feals need it, usually Malkavians, but sometimes a Toreador.  He
completly believes in his theory of the Game, which he thinks no one can be
allowed to win.  He will only aid characters who are not interested in power
for power's sake.  Both his Retainers are Ghouls.  One is a human that acts
as his butler/attache, and the other is a Panther that acts as his
pet/gaurd.  He could go into a long speech about the game at any moment, and
if anyone tries to stop him from speaking, he must make a Self-Control check
at 7 or Frenzy.  He will not go out of his way to harm anybody, except a
Tremere.  If the characters' coterie includes a Tremere, it will be a very
touchy situation, as he will become Paranoid that the Tremere are attempting
to infiltrate him.  He almost never attends regular Camarilla meeting
because he believes that the Tremere will try to kill him.  He will attend a
Toreador party, if invited and there are no Tremere present.
   Basically, role-play him as a visionary/prophet that isn't listened to by
most except, perhaps, some Anarchs.

This is the first time I've ever really created an Elder totally.  Usually I
just have them appear in the story for a brief moment, drop a cryptic hint,
and then disappear.  Is he too powerful?