15-AUG-1994 16:15:39

Salubri seem to be popular all of a sudden!  Last week I promised a couple of
them myself, and so...

This is the elder of the two Salubri I'm posting.  They are being
used in a one-person Suspire chronicle which I'm running and which
I expect to last perhaps as much as a couple of years.

Name:. . . . . James  Nature:. . Visionary   Clan:. . . . Salubri
Player:. . . . . . .  Demeanor:Traditionalist Sire: . . . Wilhelm
Chronicle: . . . . .  Concept: In Golconda   Generation:. . . . 8
PHYSICAL              SOCIAL                 MENTAL
Strength:. . . **ooo  Charisma:. . . ****o   Perception: . .****o
Dexterity: . . **ooo  Manipulation:. ****o   Intelligence: .**ooo
Stamina: . . . ***oo  Appearance:. . **ooo   Wits: . . . . .***oo
TALENTS                SKILLS                 KNOWLEDGE
Acting:. . . . **ooo   Animal Ken:. . *oooo   Bureaucracy:. .*oooo
Alertness: . . ****o   Drive: . . . . ooooo   Computer: . . .ooooo
Athletics: . . *oooo   Etiquette: . . **ooo   Finance:. . . .ooooo
Brawl: . . . . ***oo   Firearm: . . . ooooo   Investigation: ooooo
Dodge: . . . . ***oo   Melee: . . . . ***oo   Law:. . . . . .ooooo
Empathy: . . . **ooo   Music: . . . . *oooo   Linguistics:. .**ooo
Intimidation:. *oooo   Repair:. . . . ooooo   Medicine: . . .***oo
Leadership:. . ***oo   Security:. . . ooooo   Occult: . . . .**ooo
Streetwise:. . ooooo   Stealth: . . . ***oo   Politics: . . .ooooo
Subterfuge:. . **ooo   Survival:. . . **ooo   Science:. . . .ooooo

Diplomacy: . . **ooo   Blind Fighting *oooo   Kindred Lore: .**ooo
Instruction: . ****o   Herbalism: . . ***oo   Mage Lore:. . .*oooo
Sense Deception**ooo
Style: . . . . **ooo
MERITS                 FLAWS
Concentration (1)      Anachronism (2)
Calm Heart (3)         Enemy (1)
Inoffensive to         Cursed (3) [see below]
  Animals (1)
Special Gift (1) [see below]
Auspex:. . . .******   Generation:. . *****   Conscience: . .****o
 (Eagle's Sight,       Resources: . . **ooo   Self-Control: .****o
  Clairvoyance)        Contacts:. . . ***oo   Courage:. . . .***oo
Fortitude: . . **ooo
Obeah: . . . .******   Humanity:. . . . . 8
 (Renewed Vigour)      Willpower: . . . . 7
Obfuscate: . . **ooo   Blood Pool:. . . .15 / 3 per turn

James was somewhat ill-prepared for unlife as a Salubri.  His sire thought
that his chances for reaching Golconda (the goal of most Salubri) would be
greatest if he knew as little as possible about his new situation- by
searching for the answers, James would be moving towards his ultimate goal.
Essentially, James was told that he was a vampire of the clan Salubri, that
there were other vampires of many varieties throughout the world, and that
his purpose now would be to bestow aid to as many beings as possible, both
alive and undead.  His sire then demonstrated the various powers of his own
Disciplines (so that James would know what to work towards in that regard)
and then forced James to diablerize him.  The entire process took less than
a week, in the year 1783.  James was left with only an ancient, rather
ornate silver ring to remember his Sire by.

All the rest, James found out on his own.  It didn't take him long to find
other vampires; it took him even less time to discover that one doesn't
simply walk up to one of the Kindred and announce himself as a Salubri.
Through many misadventures, and not a few close calls, James gradually
learned how to conceal his true nature, and how to defend himself when he
was discovered.

Over the next several years, now that he was no longer under constant threat
from other undead, James deeply explored his vampiric nature, and began to
teach himself to balance this with his humanity.  James had been a doctor
in life (one point which had attracted his Sire) and he now returned to that
profession with a vengeance.  He went from town to town through the American
frontier, masquerading as a traveling peddler of "healing potions and tonics".
He had no direct contact with the Garou in the wilderness; his high Humanity
prevented them from identifying him as Undead.

James' sire had been known to the Inconnu, and some of them kept an interest
in the Childe himself.  It was one among them who clued James in to the 
latent power of his Sire's ring.  Fueled by the power of the sun itself, this
ring could give him the strength to resist the calling of his Beast.  In
game terms- this ring stores up to 3 Willpower points which the wearer may
use only in order to resist Frenzy or Rotschreck.  The ring may be fully
recharged by exposure to sunlight.  The downside is that the ring must be
on the user when it is recharged.  It requires but an instant of full
exposure to fully recharge the ring.  Partially obscured sunlight may take
longer.  This ring has been passed from Sire to Childe now nine times;
Andrea will be the tenth.

James eventually reached Golconda, after intense personal trial.  He then
began to branch out his powers, particularly those of Auspex, to begin his
search for a successor.  Finally, he discovered Andrea.

One more important point in James' past- he was discovered by the leader of
the Tremere chantry in a city where he spent a few years immediately after
his attainment of Golconda.  The Tremere tried to convince others of James'
true identity, but aside from his fellow warlocks and an Anarch or two, he was
unable to muster enough support to directly attack him (James had by then
developed friendships among the local Primogen).  So the Tremere resorted to
magic, placing a curse on James which was intended to cause his form to show
his true age, reducing him to a mere skeleton in minutes.  The curse was not
entirely successful however, perhaps due to poor execution on the Tremere's
part but more likely having to do with James state of Golconda.  Instead of
aging instantly, James normal aging process resumed.  By the time he embraces
Andrea, he appears 40ish, but then again people in his time seldom lived much
longer than that.  He has no idea what this means in terms of his own life
span, and he has no intention of staying around to find out.

Andrea immediately to follow....