Harrison M. Clarke

Well, here's what i would be as a vampire (unless i became ventrue, which 
is possible). This is after just being embraced.
Name: Harrison Martin Clarke    Clan: Malkavian
Nature: Bon Vivant	        Generation: Eighth
Demeanor: Rebel			Havan: Rundown house
Strength  **    Charisma     ***   Perception    ***
Dexterity ***   Manipulation **    Intellegence  ****
Stamina   **    Appearance   ***   Wits          ***
KNOWLEDGE:Computer**(and a half, i'm trying to be honest),Occult*,
Disciplines:Obfuscate**,Dominate*,Auspex* (now i can ditch the glasses)
Virtues: Conscience***,Self-control**,Courage*****
FLAWS:Taint of corruption*,Overconfident*,Prey exclusion(young women 
only)***(since it as as harse as the Ventrue thing. Hey, what wouuld you 
feed on????),Hunted**
MERITS:Inoffensive to animals*,Mansion**
Appearance: seems to blend into the crowd. Tall, about 6'1". green eyes, 
	red hair (long, often cuts it apon waking), fairly well 
	built(thanks to the factory job i have this summer).Appears to be 
	about 25.
Attitude: As a malkavian, i would go ouut of my way to show others what a 
	silly little world they lived in. I would try and get a Ravnos to 
	teach me Chemistry.
Derangement: I don't know. probably multiple personalities. I would carry 
	around a stuffed tiger and hold philosophical discusions with him.
History: A student at EKU, larry bryant was walking through the ravine 
	(the on-campus park) one night when he saw a beautiful redhead 
	sitting alone. He asked her if she was alright, unfortunately she 
	wasa Malkavian. After learning the ropes, he left Crimson (her 
	name, i just like the sound of it), and moved into a rundown 
	mansion near UK's campus. She had dominated the owner into 
	selling it to my character. Calling himself Harrison Clarke,
	larry bryant now lives in Lexington by Night.
PLANS: get Chimestry. Boost obfuscate to 3, so i can do wild takes, ala 
	cartoons. Have fun with some professors' minds.