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To:	IN%""
Subj:	Gomez

Name: Gomez Addams	Nature: Plotter		Generation: 8th
Player:			Demeanor: Gallant	Haven:
Chronicle: GreatMinds	Clan: Malkavian antitribu 	Concept: Director
Physical		Social			Mental
--------		------			------
Strength 3 (Wiry)	Charisma 3 (Smooth)	Perception 2
Dexterity 5 (Nimble)	Manipulation 3 (Glib)	Intelligence 3 (Bright)
Stamina 2		Appearance 3 (Handsome)	Wits 4 (Shrewd)
Talents			Skills			Knowledges
-------			------			----------
Acting			Animal Ken		Bureaucracy
Alertness 1		Drive			Computer
Athletics 2		Etiquette 2		Finance 3 (Investing)
Brawl 3 (Show Off)	Firearms 1		Investigation 1
Dodge 3 (Acrobatic)	Melee 5 (Rapier)	Law
Empathy 2		Music 1 (Violin)	Linguistics 1 (Italian)
Intimidation		Repair			Medicine
Leadership 3 (Friendly)	Security		Occult 2
Streetwise 1		Stealth 2		Politics 1
Subterfuge		Survival		Science
	---Secondary Abilities---
Diplomacy 2		Blind Fighting 2	Accounting 2
			Dancing 2 (Waltz)	Engineering 2
			Acrobatics 3
Disciplines		Backgrounds		Virtues
-----------		-----------		-------
Dementation 4		Generation 5		Callousness 3
Obfuscate 2		Resources 3		Instincts 3
Celerity 2					Morale 4

Merits/Flaws			Tenners
------------			-------
Danger Sense (2-M)		Path of Paradox 6
Ambidextrous (1-M)		Willpower 7
Notoriety (3-F)			Blood Pool 15
Vampiric Spouse (5-M)

Nathan Wilson was born over a hundred and fifty years ago.  He was inducted
into the Sabbat during a particularly intense period of infighting while
he was traveling in Italy.  He survived the Creation Rites easily, and took
to the unlife like a fish to water.  His main goal is to enjoy himself while
maintaining his peculiar sense of honour.  His secondary goal is to become
Prince of a Camarilla city.  His teritary goal is to help the Ravnos with
their little plans...

	---Roleplaying Hints---
Gomez is insane, but he doesn't always act it.  Oh, sure, he thinks of 
himself as the hero of his own little world, but that's not majour.  His
most telling trait is his habit of insisting that Wednesday destroy magickal
items that she picks up during their travels, and his always watching,
totally impassively, while she does so, then laughing and partying the rest
of the night.  Wednesday has managed to hide a few things from him, however.
He makes all of his gestures broad, and the man behind them is just as 
enthusiastic and flamboyant as he might seem.  He does think carefully and
thoroughly, though, and tends to plot things out ahead of time until he
becomes bored with the project.  This is his biggest weak point.