David Alan Perrey
17-AUG-1994 17:38:28

Another character from my Chronicle, and another Gangrel (my players
liked that lot for some reason....), this one is the character that
my short story Eternity Together was based on, anyone wanting a copy
of that (shameless plug) mail me (dap1@st-andrews.ac.uk).

Name:  Frea		Clan:  Gangrel		Generation:  8th (15/3)
Nature:  Autist		Demeanour:  Loner	Haven:  Park (earth meld)
Apparent Age:  late teens-early 20s

Willpower:  5		Humanity:  5

PHYSICAL    Strength 4       Dexterity 3      Stamina 4
SOCIAL      Charisma 2    Manipulation 2   Appearance 3
MENTAL    Perception 4    Intelligence 3         Wits 1

TALENTS  Alertness 4   Brawl 2   Dodge 3
	Subterfuge 1
SKILLS   Animal Ken 4   Drive 3   Music 1   Stealth 1
	Survival 4
KNOWLEDGE   Linguistics 2 (French, German)   Medicine 3

	Animalism 2	Dominate 2
	Fortitude 2	Protean 3
	Generation 5
	Herd 1
	Resources 2

VIRTUES   Conscience 3   Self-Control 3   Courage 4

	Speech Impediment (Bad Lisp), Shy, Dark Secret, Nightmares,
Cursed (Relationships), Common Sense, Calm Heart.

	Around 6 ft tall, 9 and a half stone, long red hair (often 
rather unkempt, but sometimes she brushes it all out), green eyes.
She tends to wear T-shirts with a jumper a couple of sizes too big,
with either leggings or jeans and simple shoes.  She is very nervous
with people, self-conscious even, and tends to slump and slouch.
She is very withdrawn and quiet, she is also easily flustered, with
a tendency to panic.  She can be very nieve, and once you have her
trust then she is going to be easily led (which her friend Jem took
advantage of on occasion).  Her lisp is a particular bane upon her
unlife, it is the kind that really annoys or irritates some people,
but some men find highly attractive, which leads to trouble later
because "it always does".

	As a girl, she was consciencious and active.  She had a number
of interests (some of which she still has today), was a good student
and generally regarded as a good kid, if a little quiet.  She had a
particular fondness for the outdoors and loved camping trips and 
activity holidays, being willing to give most things a go at least
once.  It was on such a trip that she met Gary.  He was perfect, 
handsome, charming, romantic, even a little mysterious which she found
she rather liked.  She fell head over heels in love and so did he.
	Eventually came the revelation (this is where the story covers),
Gary was no ordinary human, he was a vampire!  Despite some reservations
about this, he decided that he wanted to have her with him for the
rest of his life, for her part she wanted nothing else and if he thought
it a good idea then so did she.
	Unfortunately, it all went wrong, the Prince found out about
this illegal Siring, and was an enemy of Gary's anyway (looking for an
excuse to remove him), and sent his minions to destroy them both.  
Gary gave his life that she might live.  She fled into the night.
	Since then, she has wandered, not wanting to stay in one place
too long, just in case they are still looking for her.  She has avoided
making any friends really, except for a Malkavian called Jem (coming soon
to a list near you...) who seems to be always getting one or both of them
in trouble, and it is usually down to her to redeem the situation.  She
kind of likes that, it takes her mind off things, but she occasionally
worries about a future time when she'll fail both of them.  She's also
quite fond of Tom Aseed (who I've already posted).
	She wonders about Gary sometimes, she still knows very little
about him and his deeds, so has no idea why he was killed.  She misses
him very much.
| Tell me, what is happiness...?  Happiness?  Happiness ... is to wake up,| 
|on a bright spring morning, after an exhausting first night spent with   |
| a beautiful ... passionate ... multi-murderess.                         |
|    Shit, is THAT all?                                                   |
|- Iain M. Banks, Use of Weapons and borrowed by dap1@st-andrews.ac.uk    |