Subj: Character - Malkavian

Name: Erich             Nature:     Visionary   Generation:       11
Player:     __________  Demeanor:   Director    Haven:      __________
Chronicle:  __________  Clan:       Malkavian   Concept:Interfering Nut
PHYSICAL                SOCIAL        MENTAL
Strength:   **ooo Charisma:    **ooo  Perception:     ***oo
Dexterity:  **ooo Manipulation *****  Intelligence:   ****o
Stamina:    **ooo Appearance:  **ooo  Wits:           ***oo
TALENTS           SKILLS              KNOWLEDGE
Acting:     ****o Animal Ken:  ooooo  Bureaucracy:    ooooo
Alertness:  ooooo Drive:       *oooo  Computer:       ooooo
Athletics:  ooooo Etiquette:   ooooo  Finance:        **ooo
Brawl:      ooooo Firearm:     **ooo  Investigation:  *****
Dodge:      ooooo Melee:       ooooo  Law:            ooooo
Empathy:    ooooo Music:       ***oo  Linguistics:    ***oo
Intimidation****o Repair:      ooooo  Medicine:       ooooo
Leadership: ooooo Security:    ooooo  Occult:         ooooo
Streetwise: ooooo Stealth:     ooooo  Politics:       **ooo
Subterfuge: *oooo Survival:    *oooo  Science:        *oooo
Auspex:     ***oo Allies:      ooooo  Conscience:     **ooo
Animalism:  ooooo Contacts:    ***oo  Self-Control:   **ooo
Celerity:   ooooo Fame:        ooooo  Courage:        ****o
Dominate:   ***oo Generation:  *oooo  Blood Pool:oooooooooo
Fortitude:  ooooo Herd:        *oooo  Willpower: ********oo
Obfuscate:  ***oo Influences:  ooooo  Humanity:  ****oooooo
Potency:    ooooo Mentor:      ooooo
Presence:   ooooo Resources:   ***oo
Protean:    ooooo Retainers:   ooooo
Thaumaturgy:ooooo Status:      ooooo

      Erich is convinced that the world is a movie, and that he is the
omniscient, tyrannical director. He will frequently break into
confrontations to chastise the participants for their lackluster
performance. Annoyingly, he always seems to know some bit of information
that the victims would really prefer remained secret. Erich will reveal his
little bombshell to produce what he feels is a better performance, and then
stand back and watch the resulting fireworks.
      "Nein, nein! Dis iss de voman vat diablerised your Sire! You haf
nozink for her but bitter hatred! Now, take it again, from vere John says,
You bitch!"
      Erich is a portly, balding man, Embraced in his mid-sixties, who
dresses in expensive grey suits of European tailoring and 1950's style. He
speaks with a thick Austrian accent, and affects a monocle, which he
brandishes at people when peeved. His preferred firearm is a dueling pistol
_ he carries a matched set for just such an emergency. His Resources allow
him to travel frequently in a chauffered vehicle. His Music skill reflects
a diverse knowledge of the field, but he strenuously prefers Viennese