6-JUN-1994 15:43:21.58

Name:  Ed Johnson            Nature: Survivor           Sire: ??
                             Demeanor: Loner            Generation: 8
                             Concept: Soldier           Haven: The Park

Strength ***                 Charisma **                Perception ***
Dexterity ***                Manipulation **            Intelligence **
Stamina *****                Appearance **              Wits ***

TALENTS                      SKILLS                     KNOWLEDGES
alertness ***                animal ken ****            computer *
athletics *                  firearms ***               law *
brawl ***                    stealth ***                linguistics * (German)
dodge ***                    survival ****              medicine *
streetwise **                                           occult ***
storytelling **                                         science *
                                                        lupine lore ***

DISCIPLINES                  BACKGROUNDS                VIRTUES
animalism ***                generation *****           conscience **
fortitude **                 status **                  self-control *****
protean *****                                           courage *****
celerity **
necromancy *

Humanity: 6
Willpower: 8

Merits: Efficient digestion, Inoffensive to animals, Ruse of wolf's clothing

Notes:  Ed grew up on a farm in the 20's and 30's.  Joined the army and was
shipped off to France in the 40's.  He was ahead of his squad on patrol when he
got jumped by a damn big wolf.  They buried him in a shallow grave and moved
on.  The next night, he clawed his way out of the frozen earth, and tried to
figure out what happened.  He managed to make it back to the US and traveled
around for awhile, working odd jobs in stables and zoos, each time moving on
before people could figure out that he was dead.  He eventually settled in YOUR
CITY (Chicago) where he took up residence in SOME PARK (Jackson Park).  He is
still wondering who his sire is, or was.

Ed has some friends in the city, mostly other gangrel.  He is on okay terms
with some of the Glass Walkers.  He has made enemies among some drug dealers
since moving into the park, since druggies don't taste as good.  He has made a
practice of feeding the park squirrels nuts and popcorn soaked in his blood,
and now a goodly number of the estimated 250 sqirrels in the park, and even a
few of the 500 or so in the surrounding area (the university, etc.) are
ghouled.  They let him know what goes on during the day in the area, and let
him know when someone tries to bug the payphone he uses.

Ed is no slouch in a fight, but prefers to snipe from the edge if he can. He
carries a clip full of silver bullets for emergencies.  If he has to mix it up,
he'll pop his claws, fire up the celerity, and trust in his fortitude to
watch his back.  If the fight turns hopeless, he'll change to mist or bat and
get the hell out.  He's a pretty average looking guy, straightforward and not
very sneaky.  He wears jeans, steel toed work boots, t-shirt, and jacket in the
summer time, a longer trench coat in the winter.  The jackets are to cover the
ordnance.  He always wears his Cubs cap.

Due to immenent graduation, our storyteller finished off our campaign last
week.  Most, if not all, of our old big enemies are dead or fled.

I've been toying with a couple of paths for Ed.  They depend on when I find a
storyteller again, of course.  Path one:  Bard.  Ed pulls out the stops,
and starts travelling around even more than he does now.  He meets as many
vampires as possible, and learns their stories.  He seeks to sample all that
unlife has to offer, eventually having a little bit of knowlege in all possible
disciplines.  The little bit of spirit magic that Inyaga has tought him has
only whetted his appetite.  He becomes a store of great stories, bad puns,
and mystic knowlege.  Path Two:  Ed Johnson, Space Gangrel. (Say this with an
echo effect)  He moves to the swamp near NASA, and starts trying to get the
space program off its ass.  When there's a colony up and running, he ships
himself up there.  Then when Gehenna comes, he's in another orbit.

I've played Ed for 161 exp points over two years.  Be good to him.

steve wright