Hans N Sagan
7-APR-1994 17:06:33.32

Duncan the Brujah/Assamite
Nature: Conniver
Concept: Post-modern Anarchist
Sire:Damien (CbN2)
Haven: Secure Brownstone on the Near North Side

Physical:		Social:			Mental:
Strength:2		Charisma:4		Perception:3
Dexterity:4		Manipulation:4		Intelligence:5
Stamina:3		Appearance:4		Wits:4

Talents:		Skills:			Knowledge:
Alertness:4		Drive:3			Investigation:2
Athletics:3		Firearms:3		Law:2
Brawl:4			Melee:5			Linguistics:3
Dodge:4			Stealth:5		Occult:2
Intimidation:4					Politics:2
Leadership:2					Science:5

Disciplines:		Backgrounds:		Virtues:
Celerity: 3		Resources:4		Conscience:1
Fortitude:4					Self-control:2
Potence:5					Courage:5

Blood Pool:30/6
Flaws/Merits: Overconfident, Light Sleeper

This guy is about 6'7" and skinny as a rail. He's black, with a head full
of ear-length skinny little dreadlocks. He's got a goatee, too. He usually
wears combat boots and black jeans, a red flannel over a DK t-shirt and a
dirty green trenchcoat. He's got noserings, earrings, and a fishbone
tattoo on his back.

He was a violent and inquisitive child of a wealthy family. His father was
 a doctor who fostered his scientific interests. Due to his need for
"discipline", he was sent away to a Midwestern military boarding school,
where he stayed until he was ready for high school. In military school, he
learned discipline, yes, but also hatred for and and understanding of how
to work "the system" to his own advantage. His violent urges were not
stifled at all.

Needless to say he did not fit in high school...he was a Canadian in an
American school, and had habits which made him an outcast. His military
prowess served him well, however, as beating up the captain of the
football team proved, when he assaulted him.

SHortly before his graduation, his parents were killed in a car
"accident", leaving Duncan with a substantial trust fund. He set his
brother and sister up in nice environs, and moved to (in my game Chicago)
to seek his fortune at the ripe old age of 19. In (Chicago), he fell in
with a group of anarchist punks, who readily took his lead in violent
antisocial terroristic activities. He was sought out in the Jyhad as a
Brujah shock trooper by (Damien), an anarch seeking new recruits in his
war against Prince (Lodin), and Embraced when he was 22.

He took to his vampiric form well, and sought to expand his abilites at
every opportunity. He worked with the Anarchs against the machinations and
oppression of the Prince.

When Duncan discovered that his Sir (Damien) had been the one
responsible for the car "accident", when (Damien) had needed the first
available car to make a getaway from a hit and killed the two occupants,
he fled (Chicago) to ameliorate his despair.

He traveled the world, hiring himself as an assassin to anarch groups in
Europe and across the world. WHen he was contacted by Clan Assamite for
potential membership, he was eager to gain new insight into his vampiric
potential, and so went to Alamut and underwent the Assamite Induction
Blood Ritual. Hence, he suffers from both the Brujah clan weakness and the
Assamite clan weakness, with the generational blood formula as well.

He stayed and studied with the Assamites for a few years, and when he
discovered that Prince (Lodin) had been killed, he decided now would be a
good time to return to (Chicago) and attempt to gain what power he could.
He took with him three high-generation Assamite pupils.

Upon his return to (Chicago), he discovered that the former Prince, a
Brujah named (Maxwell), was in need of support in his bid for the
Princeship. Siezing a golden opportunity, he offered his services to
(Maxwell) as major domo and chief enforcer, with a crew of Assamite
killers as his enforcer squad.

His motivation is not altogether altruistic, however. What he truly seeks
to do is set (Maxwell) up as Prince, and then through a series of errors
discredit him and ...>ahem<...assume the throne. It seems plausible.....

He has large amounts of automatic weapons, about four speedy sports cars,
and a sword cane. He makes all his own chemicals and explosives for
creative purposes.

So feel free to use Duncan as whatever you choose. He's fairly high
generation, lots of disciplines, and lots of cash. It's fairly
understandable how he had the Overconfident flaw. He may act as an Anarch
leader in your chronicle, a violent and subversive Prince, or an itinerant
dark force in the night who strikes down the unwary for the right price.
Or maybe just a face in the crowd.