The Digital Mage
12-MAY-1994 08:54:46.92

Name: David Gelman
Nature: Judge
Demeanor: Plotter
Clan: Tremere
Apparent age:43 years
Actual age:86 years

 Physical  Strength:2  Dexterity:2  Stamina:2
 Social  Charisma:2  Manipulation:3  Appearance:3
 Mental  Perception:3  Intelligence:4  Wits:3

 Talents  Alertness:2  Dodge:2  Empathy:2  Leadership:1  Subterfuge:2
 Skills  Drive:1  Etiquette:1  Firearms:2  Melee:1
 Knowledges  Bureacracy:1  Computer:2  Finance:2  Investigation:1  Law:1
             Linguistics (French and a smattering of German):2  Occult:3
             [Magus Lore:2]

 Disciplines  Thaumaturgy:3 (Movement of the mind:3, Taste of Blood:1)
 Backgrounds  Contacts:1  Generation:3  Resources:2  Mentor:2
 Virtues  Conscience:3  Self-Control:3  Courage:4

Humanity:6  Willpower:8  Bloodpool:13/ 1 per turn

Flaws  Deep sleeper (1pt)  Clan Enmity:Ravnos (2pt)  Ward:Grand daughter
       (3pt)  Mild Phobia:Dogs (1pt)

Merits  Eat food (1pt)

Rituals  Deflection of Wooden Doom (Level 1)  Principle Focus of Vitae
         Infusion (Level 2)  The Rite of Introduction (Level 1)

Weapons  Lt. Revolver (Difficulty:6 Damage:4)
         Cane (Difficulty:5 Damage:Str+3)
         Sword Cane (Difficulty:4 Damage:Str+1)

 David Gelman, as he is now known, was born on October 2nd, 1908 in Los
Angeles, California -christened David Maxwell Landon.
 An only child, he grew up well looked after, and was soon following in
his father's footsteps in the profession of accountancy. David married 
in 1933 to Elizabeth Erston, and seven years later in 1940 they had two 
children -twin boys, Harrison and Henry. David's parents died in 1943,
his father dying first of cancer, and his mother following soon after;
some say of a broken heart and grief.
 David soon rose high in the firm he had first been employed in, and as
such he was shown deeper secrets -one of which was a gentlemen's club who 
debated the supernatural, occult, and occassionally the far future. David 
showed little enthusiasm for the occult -due to his inability to 
comprehend, and thus understand and order its existence within his own 
world view.
 An elderly member of the club -labelled informally as the Society of 
Enlightenment- showed David Landon a way to comprehend, but it meant the 
Embrace. This happened on the night of December 20th 1951.
 David tried his best to explain his situation to Elizabeth upon his 
return from the club that night -but the Hunger was upon him and instead 
he fed from her. He left his life, but still kept watch over his wife and 
 In 1961 Elizabeth Landon died in a car crash. as for David's sons,
Harrison died in 1984 leaving a widow -Janice- and a daughter -Sarah.
Janice has since committed suicide, never having gotten over her
husband's death. Sarah Landon lives in the same city as her Grandfather, 
aged 22 years, not knowing she has an undead guardian.
 Henry is still alive and lives with his wife and 3 children in Seattle.