Darius Hawk Sayers
18-APR-1994 14:02:56.78

Name: The Colonel
Nature: Competitor
Demeanor: Thrill-seeker
Clan: Ravnos
Generation: Sixth

Strength: 3         Charisma: 3             Perception: 3
Dexterity: 4        Manipulation: 3         Intelligence: 2
Stamina: 3          Appearance: 2           Wits: 3
Talents                     Skills          Knowledges
Alertness: 2                Drive: 2        Linguistics: 1(Spanish)
Brawl: 3                    Firearms: 3     Occult: 4(Werewolves)
Dodge: 4                    Melee: 2
Leadership: 3               Security: 4
Subterfuge: 4               Stelath: 3
Disciplines                 Backgrounds         Virtues
Animalism: 3                Allies: 3           Conscience: 2
Chimestry: 2                Resources: 5        Self-control: 4
Fortitude: 1                                    Courage: 5
Protean: 4

Humanity: 3     Willpower: 6

Merits/Flaws:  Time Sense, Acute Smell, Danger Sense, Unbondable, Charmed
Exisitence, Taint of Corruption,  Eerie Prescence, Notoriety.

The Colonel, his real name is unknown and he really doesn't care, is the leader
of a White & Latino gang called THE WOLVES.  Most of his nights are spent
harrassing people, hunting and other such deviltry.  The Wolves many times will
roam the city in cars with their lights out.  When someone flashes them to tell
them their lights are out, everyone yells "LIGHTS OUT!!!"  And they normally
hunt the people down and kill them.

The Colonel has three allies, all are part of the wolves.  One is Rico, another
Ravnos who is The Colonel's right hand man.  Second is Edvard, a Nosferatu whom
The Colonel has complete trust.  And Finally the last, and most powerful,
Latanya a Tremere.  Latanya is very powerful, possibly far more then The

The Colonel's sire is dead, diablorized by him, along with his sire and his