David Alan Perrey
10-AUG-1994 15:00:25

	An idea for a character I've been toying with.  As presented, it
is a starting character, but it'd be easy enough to boost his powers if
need be.  OK, here goes.

Name:  Daniel Black	Clan:  Toreador		Generation:  9th (14/2)
Nature:  Survivor	Demeanour:  Bravo	Haven:  Varies
Apparent Age:  early 20s

Willpower:  8		Humanity:  7

PHYSICAL    Strength 1       Dexterity 3      Stamina 2
SOCIAL      Charisma 3    Manipulation 4   Appearance 3
MENTAL    Perception 3    Intelligence 2         Wits 3

TALENTS  Acting 2   Alertness 2   Brawl 1   Dodge 2
	Empathy 1   Streetwise 2   Subterfuge 2
(Secondary)  Seduction 2
SKILLS   Drive 1   Etiquette 1   Music 1   Stealth 2
	Survival 2
KNOWLEDGE   Computer 2   Linguistics 1 (French)
	Science 2 

	Presence 3
	Auspex 1

	Allies 1  (Old school friend who helps him out from time
to time)
	Contacts 1  (
	Generation 4
	Mentor 1 (Ancillae who helped him initially, still occasionally
defends him, in return for the odd favour...)
	Resources 2

VIRTUES   Conscience 3   Self-Control 4   Courage 2

	Sire's Resentment (1pt F), Prey Exclusion (1 pt F)

	About 5 ft. 10", medium build, short brown hair, clean-shaven.
Brown eyes.  Generally wears tight black jeans, shirt (no tie), black
ankle length cowboy-type boots.  Always neat and tidy, quite vain,
often checks his appearance, a comb in his pocket to remedy any 
minor problem.  He wears a small amount of jewellery, a gold watch (in
fact a 21st birthday present, but he doesn't like to let on about that)
a signet ring and a plain chain around his neck.  One habit he has is 
of rarely looking people in the eye (at least in casual conversation),
instead he scans the room, always looking around to see who else is

	Daniel was something of a geek at school, not very self-confidant
nervous around people, something of a dreamer.  He spent much of his
time, when not stuck in a book, dreaming of his perfect girl, which was
generally the girl at school he most fancied at the time.  Needless to
say he was passed over by all of them, and he longed for one, just one,
to take notice of him, love him and cherish him into old age.
	Then, finally, one did.  He was totally captivated by her.  She 
was perfect, drop dead gorgeous.  This woman, Selina, was amused by him,
how he was under her spell without her even using any of her powers.
She toyed with him for a while, stringing him along.  She found that his 
blood tasted extremely good, a side effect of his infatuation, she thought.
Would such a thing survive the Embrace she wondered.  So she killed him.  
And brought him back.  She was tiring of him somewhat by now anyway, so
she had decided to test her idea, then dispose of this worthless 
creature.  His blood was not the same, naturally.  It was most fine, it
was Kindred vitae after all, but it lacked that special ingredient, it
had died with his mortal body.  Daniel meanwhile was in a state of shock.
His beloved Selina was a vampire!  And she'd killed him and... and ...
His mind whirled with the horrors of these last few hours.  Selina
sighed, regretfully and prepared to strike.  But Daniel snapped out of
his mind's maelstrom, he lashed out at her, catching her off-guard.
He fled, panic-stricken.  Selina sat back, watching him rather like a
lioness.  So the boy had more spirit than she'd supposed.  There was 
pleasure to be gained from him yet.
	He has managed to stay ahead of his Sire thus far.  He hasn't seen
her for a while, maybe she has given up?  Then again.... he keeps moving
on just in case.  To begin with, he was utterly confused and horrified.
How is such a thing possible?  How could his perfect Selina do this to
him?  How could it be that she was that..thing...that creature?  He
quickly realised that she could have so easily chased him down that first
night, that she was playing with him.  But what could he do?  Watch out,
try and be ready.  As a result, he is always ready to run, like a gazelle.
Always looking around, half-expecting Selina to come in.
  	But his new powers made him dizzy with excitement.   He could 
charm anyone now, he realised after a while.  He learned something of
his Sire from others in the city.  They knew Selina to be Toreador, so
he was of that line too.  It confused him further for a while, but they told
him to leave town and find others elsewhere.  So he did.  And he fed from 
the most beautiful girls.  He was experiencing ecstacy, and all the while 
he was expecting it to end in blood and death.  As he survived, his
feeding became something of a game.  He sought only women that rebuked
him.  Then he'd turn on the Silver-Tongue, take them to his room, take 
their blood, then make damn sure they realised exactly who'd they'd 
slept with.  Sometimes they'd hit him, sometimes they just cried, he 
didn't care, he just laughed.
	He has changed a lot from that geeky boy who Selina found.  He
is more self-confidant now, certainly more paranoid.  He finds it harder
to find girls who refuse him nowadays, his natural charm having increased
with his self-confidence.  He is even beginning to get rather blase about
his Sire coming for him.  But he still enjoys every day as if it were his
| Tell me, what is happiness...?  Happiness?  Happiness ... is to wake up,| 
|on a bright spring morning, after an exhausting first night spent with   |
| a beautiful ... passionate ... multi-murderess.                         |
|    Shit, is THAT all?                                                   |
|- Iain M. Banks, Use of Weapons and borrowed by dap1@st-andrews.ac.uk    |