David Alan Perrey
1-JUN-1994 10:32:58.50

Another player from my little Chronicle
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Name:Tessa 'Billy' Morgan Nature: Fanatic       Generation:11th
Player:Mel.               Demeanor:             Haven: Small flat
Campaign:                 Clan:Gangrel          Concept:Singer/Environmentalist
Willpower: 6	          Humanity: 7
PHYSICAL  Strength 3   Dexterity 3   Stamina 2
SOCIAL    Charisma 4   Manipulation 2  Appearance 4
MENTAL    Perception 3  Intelligence 2  Wits 2
TALENTS   Alertness 2  Athletics 2  Brawl 3  Dodge 3
Leadership 1  Streetwise 1
SKILLS    Animal Ken 1  Drive 2  Firearms 2  Music 4
Security 2  Stealth 3  (Secondaries)  Disguise 1
Camouflage 1  Demolitions 1
KNOWLEDGES  Computer 1  Investigation 2  Politics 1
Science 2
DISCIPLINES  Fortitude 2  Protean 2
BACKGROUNDS  Allies 1  Contacts 2  Fame 1  Generation 2
Mentor 2  Resources 1
{ Ally - Band's Drummer, Contacts - A member of the Green 
Guerillas, eco-group and a fan/friend who works at the
local Council and can occasionally find things out for her.
Mentor - As played, the character doesn't really suit having
a vampiric mentor (hasn't got involved in Kindred politics
_at all_) so this is a local Garou who knows, trusts and
looks after her }
VIRTUES  Conscience 3  Self-Control 4  Courage 4
Merits and Flaws  Driving Goal (Flaw 3) Baby Face (Merit 2)
Gift of Proteus(Merit 1)

Apparent Age 24,  Born 16/10/69, Died 23/11/93
Hair Long and Reddish  Eyes Brown  Height 5ft 10
Weight 175 lbs


        Tessa 'Billy' Morgan was born in Larne, Republic of Ireland, on
the 16th of October, 1969. Her family moved to England when she was 4.
She grew up with a traditional catholic background. Her mother died when
she was 7 and she was brought up by her father until she was 15. He died in
a car accident , having drunk too much as usual. Until she was 18, she
stayed with a friends family that had agreed that she could stay with them
instead of going back to Ireland to live with her Aunt.
        Through her time at school she got involved with a group of people
that were into rock and metal and developed a liking for the music, which
also annoyed her father, which made it more appealing still. By the age of
14 she had already started a band, which quickly fell apart. Before she
could start another band, her father died and she moved in with her friend,
Maria's family.
        Maria was into enviromental issues and had always tried to get
Tessa interested so her living in the same house was perfect for her.
Within weeks Maria had got Tessa involved and she realised that she
actually felt she did care about what was happening. In the following
months, Maria got Tessa more and more involved with her friends in the
Green movement. Tessa's time became almost exclusively devoted to ecology
and the environment which meant her music suffered and she basically left
it on a back shelf. As things went one, she became more interested in
ecology and the environment whilst Maria's passion wained a bit.
        When she was 18, Tessa went to College to do an HND in Chemistry,
and got involved in the more extremist side of the movement. She met the
head of the local green militants, who was doing a course at the same
place. His name was David Henry. She'd seen nothing change for all she had
done over the last few years and she'd heard similar things from people 2
and 3 times her age. She felt that something else needed to be done to make
people take notice. David showed her a way in which they could do something
else and she took to it like a duck to water. It was exciting beyond what
she had done before and she found that she loved the thrill she got rather
than what she did. That was a very important, but secondary point. The
nickname Billy was given to her at college as she had a well developed
crush on Billy Sheehan and his guitar playing when she first went to
        She spent 2 years there before getting a job in a laboratory as a
technician. Since then, she has kept up her covert operations whilst going
back to her music. She started up a small band to do some bar gigs and got
to work on writing some lyrics and songs for them. It was through this that
Derek McDonald, Flaming Rivers drummer, first saw her sing. They first met
each other at a local concert where Tessa had gone to see Flaming Rivers
and was allowed backstage with one of her friends who knew the backstage
men. They got talking at the backstage party and became friends over the
next few weeks. They had a number of things in common and they got on
pretty well, plus he wrote superb lyrics and he had been impressed by her
        It was about 6 months after that first meeting that Brian Philips,
the band's original lead singer, died in a supposed car accident. To the
band, it never looked right, or felt right, but there was nothing they
could do about it.
        The band was very tempted to quit but Jimmy kept them together and
pulled them back to their music. They then looked for a singer to front the
band but were looking for another male singer, however, when they couldn't
find anyone that they felt was completely right, Derek suggested 'Billy'.
They hadn't even thought about a female frontman but Derek said she could
handle it and she got a chance. She took it with both hands putting in some
of the best singing she had ever performed.
        Since that time she has got to know the guys and managed to put
Kenny in his place once. She gets on exceptionally well with Derek and
Rusty and likes Jimmy although she feels a bit nervous with him on Backing
Vocals as she can't help hear Brian Philips singing on the old songs. She's
found herself playing occasional guitar and is now trying to learn to play
	Over the past few weeks she has got involved with the attempts to stop
a Nuclear Power plant from being set up outside of Bedford by Nirex. This led
her to act against proposed area and in doing so, to be captured by the security
which turned out to be, at least partially, not human. Thanks to the help of
some acquaintances, who she only knew slightly, the dump was stormed when
a riot developed at the front gates and she was released. Since then she has
tried to keep a low profile whilst keeping up the pressure on the site. This
played into the developers hands as they then declared that the site was going
to be used to dismantle redundant Nuclear Weapons. After a night raid on
one of the directors of Nirex, Mr George Franklyn Budge, she established that
Nirex and its American sister company were always planning to set up the
site as a Nuclear Weapons dump and they had introduced a group called Patrol
42 which was in all probability responsible for various explosions and 
survelliance operations around the town in the previous week, including the 
professional demolition of a Brujah haven in the outskirts of town during the
	It seems to also be likely that they are in concert with the Sabbat
in the area, as a number of very recent assassinations of two elders, Ventrue
and Tremere, along with a Toreador Ancilla seem to be far too convenient for
their plans, whatever they may be. Whatever '..the time of Awakening' is, it
does not sound healthy for the area or anyone living or existing in it.

{ST note - I _love_ player theories!!}

        Billy is 5ft 10inches. Her long legs seem to add to the impression
that one gets of her height. She has a fairly slim body that belies the
fact that she used to spend time in her mornings at a gym building up her
strength and general fitness. Her straight reddish (Auburn?!) hair is
waist length and covers up a pair of earrings in both ears. One pair is a
ring of circular metal, silver in colour, basically a hoop, 1 inch in
diameter. The second pair is a flat hoop,bronze/gold in colour, with a
puma's head inset in the middle and space between the outside ring and the
head. There is a third hole in both ears that is empty and hasn't healed as
it was occupied when she was embraced.
        She tends to wear denim jeans and jacket when fronting the band in
the few small gigs they have done, with a t-shirt underneath, however she
might well dress up for bigger gigs as they happen. She prefers dark blues,
and blacks as colours for her clothes normally. Sha also wears a small thin
thong of leather around her throat almost like a necklace.
        She also has a number of tattoo's on both her arms and body. The
tattoo on her back is of a great eagle in mid flight and her front has
someone's interpretation of a mythological beast (Griffon). The arms have a
number of tattoo's each complementing each other. There are varying
animals, abstract designs like lightning,stars etc.
	She also wears 2 rings on both hands. All of the rings are a different
colour and 3 contain stones whilst one is a plain band.