15-AUG-1994 16:15:59

This is the second of the Salubri I'm posting.  This one was created by
my player, who is known on these lists as Storm (  She is
a starting character.  The stats are for BEFORE she diablerizes her sire
(as all Salubri are expected to do).  After Diablerie, her Generation will
of course decrease, and I will probably give her a fairly hefty amount of
experience toward increasing her Auspex and Obeah (her Sire's two strongest

Name:. . . . .Andrea  Nature:. . CareGiver   Clan:. . . . Salubri
Player:. . . . . . .  Demeanor:. . . Loner   Sire:. . . . . James
Chronicle: . . . . .  Concept: . Farm Girl   Generation:. . . . 9*
PHYSICAL              SOCIAL                 MENTAL
Strength:. . . **ooo  Charisma:  . . ***oo   Perception: . .***oo
Dexterity: . . **ooo  Manipulation:  **ooo   Intelligence: .****o
Stamina: . . . **ooo  Appearance:  . ***oo   Wits: . . . . .***oo
TALENTS                SKILLS                 KNOWLEDGE
Acting:. . . . ooooo   Animal Ken:. . ***oo   Bureaucracy:. .ooooo
Alertness: . . ***oo   Drive: . . . . ooooo   Computer: . . .ooooo
Athletics: . . ooooo   Etiquette: . . *oooo   Finance:. . . .ooooo
Brawl: . . . . ***oo   Firearm: . . . ooooo   Investigation: ooooo
Dodge: . . . . **ooo   Melee: . . . . ooooo   Law:. . . . . .ooooo
Empathy: . . . ***oo   Music: . . . . ooooo   Linguistics:. .ooooo
Intimidation:  ooooo   Repair:. . . . ooooo   Medicine: . . .**ooo
Leadership:. . ooooo   Security:. . . ooooo   Occult: . . . .ooooo
Streetwise:. . ooooo   Stealth: . . . ooooo   Politics: . . .ooooo
Subterfuge:. . ooooo   Survival:. . . *oooo   Science:. . . .**ooo

Scan:. . . . . **ooo   Animal Training****o   Biology:. . . .**ooo
Swimming:. . . ****o   Ride:. . . . . ***oo   Chemistry:. . .**ooo
                       Tracking:. . . *oooo   Naturalist: . .**ooo
MERITS                 FLAWS
Inoffensive to         Deep Sleeper (1)
  Animals (1)
Special Gift (1) [see James' description]
Auspex:. . . . *oooo   Generation:. . *****   Conscience: . .****o
Fortitude: . . *oooo                          Self-Control: .***oo
Obeah: . . . . ***oo   Humanity:. . . . . 8   Courage:. . . .***oo
                       Willpower: . . . . 4 
                       Blood Pool:. . . .14 / 2 per turn*

Andrea was born into a large, poor family in the midwestern United States.
>From the beginning, she was a burden.  Not that her family didn't care for
or about her, but she was another mouth to feed and contributed very little
to the well-being of her parents and siblings.

>From an early age she played with, cared for, and loved animals of all sorts.
As she grew older she knew that one day she wanted to be a veterinarian.  She
actually wished she could take care of people as easily as she did animals,
but her situation was such that she couldn't seem to do anything to help the
people around her, whereas with her animals she could make a difference.

These are all the things James saw in her as he was searching for someone
to succeed him.  They added up to the perfect choice.  James came to her
one evening when she was 16 and began to talk to her.  He returned several
times in the following weeks.  By the time he told her he was a vampire,
she was completely ready to join him.  Although she knew her family would
miss her, she felt that they might actually be better off in the long run.
One night, not long after sunset, Andrea and one of her brothers were in a
boat on a small lake.  Andrea "fell" in.  James was right there waiting,
and embraced her as quickly as he could under the water.  The two then
waited until the coast was clear, and then walked to shore and off into
the night.

James was determined not to make the same mistake he felt his Sire had made,
and so is spending a great deal of time with Andrea, preparing her for the
day when she will be on her own.  Right now they are traveling from location
to location, James showing Andrea everything he can think of that she may
need to know.  He knows her deep interest in animals, and is hoping he can
find a friendly Gangrel to introduce to her before his end.

Your players may wish to help Andrea in her quest for Golconda- someone may
wish to teach her Animalism, for example, or Obfuscate (have your players
ever tried teaching a Discipline?  It can be very interesting, and may even
lead to them learning more about the Discipline themselves).  Alternatively,
they may wish to kill the "soul-stealers".  The pair can be (literally) a
lifesaver if your troupe comes across them just after a near-fatal incident.
Should they hide their new friends from the local Tremere and Ventrue, or
should they turn them in, undoubtedly in exchange for a significant boon?