Doris Chapman

by Terri Irving (8 Oct 95)

Name: Doris Chapman
Clan: Malkavian
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Deviant
Generation: 13th (for now)

Doris Chapman, during her life, was a housewife to a prominent lawyer. She had two children (a boy and a girl), a beautiful home, and everything she could ever wish for. One evening, while the children were with a babysitter and her husband was staying late at the office, Doris went grocery shopping. As she was stowing grocery bags into her trunk, she was grabbed by a man and brutally raped.

Not wanting justice to go unserved, she went to the police and the rapist was found. A trial ensued. However, the jury found Doris to be the guilty party, as they felt she had led on the defendent. Her attacker went free and Doris Chapman lost her mind.

Her husband decided it to be best to have her locked up in an institution. While there, an inmate recognized her from the massive amounts of press the trial received. The inmate embraced Doris and they escaped the institution.

From the insights that the Curse gave her, Doris finally saw that her husband had been using her as an ornament and had been having an affair for many years. In a rage, Doris slaughtered her family, chopped them into little bits, and distributed the pieces to various parts of the city.

One year later, Doris was presented to the Prince. As luck would have it, the Prince held a meeting of all vampires within the city two days afterward. The meeting concerned a possible takeover by another kindred. The Prince's hired mage was at the meeting, also, who had concentrated a mage's time magic into a crystal.

As the meeting took place, Doris and her sire, the Jester, threw four mutilated bodies through the Prince's window, causing nearly all vampires within to frenzy. Doris and her sire ran, but were caught and teleported back to the Prince's lair by the mage. As Doris tried to run away, the mage held the crystal to freeze Doris in time. Doris grabbed the crystal and crushed it. An elemental force within the crystal destroyed the mage and resided within Doris as a host, giving her the powers the mage had possessed.

Doris obfuscated and jumped out the window. Below, the Prince's hired garou's ran after her. However, mysteriously, they suddenly froze. As she pondered this, she heard the Prince declare a blood hunt on her. She had violated three traditions. She ran to her car and drove off, leaving her sire behind for his punishment.

As Doris drove to the city's limits, she saw she was being followed by many cars and city police officers. One stopped her just as she turned into her husband. He was about to arrest for a stolen vehicle when she knocked him in the head with a gun and drove away. As she drove, vampires shot at her tires. However, the bullets froze and dropped to the ground. Just as the other vampires were about to catch up, their cars stopped and Doris' began to proceed forward even faster. Suddenly, there was only white light, and Doris and her car were in the middle of a group of people in a building.

The group of people were the Sabbat of her home city, who knew of her antics and were pleased. They wanted her part of their group so that she may help them with diablerizing every vampire in the city, with the Prince last, to make the city the reign of the Sabbat. She agreed, as she could not think of any other alternative.

Quote: "Gee, a Malkavian mage member of the Sabbat. Kind of a dream come true, ya know?"