Changeling: Cantrips

WW 7900 $2.50/pack Jul-95


[$2.50/pack] [Jul-95]

These oversized cards bring together over 160 original, full-color pieces of art from Changeling. Changeling magic is wild and Capricious; one never knows what to expect from it. These amazing illustrated cards provide a wonderful game aid to bring your character's cantrips to life. These fantastic art cards are also game accessories that simulate the wild flow of faerie magic. While not necessary for game play (rules for making your own cards are available in the Changeling rulebook) all Changeling players and World of Darkness fans will want to collect and own this limited series.

* "Enough already with the card speculation! I can't stand it anymore! Just to put a stop to this, so heres the scoop. Yes, there are cards. No, you don't HAVE to use them; an alternate system of play is already included in the rules. Finally, there will be cards printed in the book which can be photcopied for use, or you can make your own. You DO NOT have to buy the cards. Though I will say that the art is increadible. 'Nuff said."
Ian Lemke , Changeling Developer