Necropolis: Atlanta

WW 6200 $15.00 Oct-94
Written by James A. Moore and Sam Chupp
Cover Art: Brom


[$18.00] [Oct-94]

From the Ashes of the Past - A City Reborn " The city of Atlanta is known among the Quick as a center of culture and industry, but the Restless see a city of smoldering ruins and divided loyalties. Torn by Civil War and the war for civil rights, Atlanta has been overrun with the spirits of the Restless Dead, those with something left to prove or memories that they refuse to let go. The wraiths who reside in Atlanta are unwilling to stop the fighting. They believe passionately that even in death, things can still change. Each faction believes that they are right, and will stop at nothing to get what they feel they deserve. Necropolis: Atlanta is a sourcebook for use with Wraith: the Oblivion and Vampire: the Masquerade, detailing the city of Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas. It includes: Over thirty of the most influential Restless of the city, including Hierarchy, Heretics, Renegades and independents; Background on the history of Atlanta in the Shadowlands Information on the Kindred of Atlanta for use with Vampire: the Masquerade

Review by Christopher Kobar (11 Nov 94)

Approximately fifteen or so pages of the newly released Necropolis: Atlanta (ostensibly for Wraith) is titled "Atlanta By Night" and is a fine overview of not only Atlanta's Kindred, but also those in much of the Deep South.

On top of this, there is a brief story that involves a very interesting character: the wraith of a vampire! Yes, a vampire had suffered Final Death due to a fire and he became a wraith. Now he works against his former Kindred foes from beyond the grave.

This answers a few questions regarding vampires and the Dark Umbra, and the book also gives a bit of an insight into the Giovanni and the Samedi (read the section on the wraith cult "Followers of Samedi"). NO solid answers, really, but a good bit of new info that should keep imaginations burning and this list alive!

The book is no MUST for vampire players, but for ST's this bit of additional stuff might be just the thing needed to get stagnant ideas flowing again in some new directions.

Aurelius, Carpetbagger Extraordinaire