Midnight Express

WW 6101 $12.00 Nov-94
Written by Ian Lemke, Beth Fischi, Chris Hind, Allen Tower and Brian Campbell
Cover Art: Drew Tucker


[$15.00] [Nov-94]

"The Light at the End of the Tunnel Is the Midnight Express!" An unearthly whistle in the distant night signals the arrival of the ghost train known only as the Midnight Express. Cobbled together from the remains of train wrecks spanning the ages, the train provides the only reliable means of safe passage through the Tempest to virtually any destination in the Shadowlands. Controlled by Ferrymen, the Midnight Express winds through the Tempest nightly, bringing wraiths to destinations across the Shadowlands. Its strict neutrality maintained by the Ferrymen, it has become a popular meeting place for members of rival factions within wraith society. But the Ferrymen also use the train as a means of finding those interested in a far different kind of journeythat toward Transcendence. The Midnight Express includes: Six complete, ready-to-play adventures, ranging from the streets of the Old We st to the dining car of the Orient Express... Three new Heretic cults, as well as information on the enigmatic Ferrymen who maintain the Midnight Express; Ideas on how to integrate the Midnight Express into your existing chronicle.