Wraith Character Kit

WW 6100 $10.00 Aug-94


[$10.00] [Aug-94]

Face the final fear. Experience the darkest moments. This kit provides the tools to play the game and includes a player's screeen, "prestige" character sheet, a black envelope for the Shadow Sheet. Death Certificate and other such delightful items. Useful for both players and Storytellers.

"The Darkness Beckons - Can You Resist Its Call? You are part of a group who tells stories together. When you make time to get together, you want to be able to get started about the business of telling stories as soon as possible. Contained within are all the tools to make character creation a breeze, leaving you free to get on with creating your character's part in the story! The Wraith Players Kit is the perfect companion to Wraith: the Oblivion, with concise summaries of Arcanos and condensed character creation information. The Wraith Players Kit includes: Deluxe Character and Shadow sheets, including a black envelope for the Shadow Sheet; Death Certificate; A Player's Screen, including a quick reference chart for Arcanos;Additional information on the archaic and specialty weapons of the Shadowlands and Stygia!