WW 6065 $16.00 Oct-98
Written by Nicky Rea and Jackie Cassada


Rabble-rousers, brigands, peaceniks. The Renegades have been here ever since Charon proclaimed himself emperor. Now they move into the spotlight. You've heard the Hierarchy's side of the story, now it's the disloyal opposition's tur - whether the Legions will have it or not.

From a post to Wraith-l by Rich Dansky: "Renegades is in editorial hands, and it's led off with fiction from PD (Leavings) Cacek and Tom (The Gryphon King) Dietz. (Note: It's a really good feeling to have folks whose work I've admired for years finding Wraith writing enjoyable. Mr. Dietz sells enough books that he doesn't have to do this sort of thing, you know :-) Look for it around Halloween, and then my Wraith tenure will be at an end."